Misunderstandings about SAT


COMMON MISUNDERSTANDINGS ABOUT SAT The SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test, which was introduced in 1926. It is not just one of those English Proficiency Tests required to be taken by the candidate in order to study…

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secret to score 100% in aptitude test


The title of this blog may sound like a dream that would never come true but when you have a strategic approach towards the preparation of your exams it is not something impossible to achieve. Moreover, the contentment that would…

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top hacks to crack sat 2017

Top Hacks to Crack SAT 2017

Studying Abroad in a reputed University is like a dream come true. Realizing the importance of your dreams and making your journey smooth in the foreign land there are various exams like IELTS, TOEFL and SAT 2017 conducted. IELTS and…

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Study abroad guide

Your Board exams are here.. What after that?

The history repeats itself every year with the board examinations being held in March and the young hearts racing to-and-fro in the responsibility of carving the best future career for them. So, here comes that time of the year again…

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10 Ways To ACE SAT

If you are looking to get a college seat in U.S, in all probability you’ll have to clear the SAT test. More and more students from around the world are looking to get outside the comfort zone of their homes…

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Things to know before taking SAT

What do you need to know before taking your SAT?

SAT – How to be Sure SAT is a test which is a standardized procedure that is conducted for the admission purpose in the United States. In the 1926, Sat was first introduced and it was called Scholastic Aptitude Test…

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