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Your Board exams are here.. What after that?

The history repeats itself every year with the board examinations being held in March and the young hearts racing to-and-fro in the responsibility of carving the best future career for them. So, here comes that time of the year again which is pacing quickly towards the ending of another session of Intermediate Level.  Board examinations are one of the many challenges of life that a student experiences in his lifetime and he must not be threatened by it. Instead, he should begin by considering it as a challenge to be overcome so that he lands up in his dream college.

The student must understand and realize the precious value of time management. It is from this basic step that he is preparing himself up for all his future endeavors. The preparations ultimately get into multi gear with the beginning of the New Year and Pre-Boards are regarded as the biggest stumbling block that one needs to drift away efficiently to fair well in examinations. In the course of the rigorous preparation the assurance of a healthy body and mind is also important.

The future plans in the mind of each student are of variable and transient nature. Most of them want to pursue the conventional Graduation degree while there are others who want to do a lucrative Diploma Course. Although the conventional graduation degree is also capable of taking a novel and exciting turn when the student dreams of being a part of a Foreign University. Some of the dream colleges situated in the foreign land are   Stanford University, Harvard College, New York University, University of California — Los Angeles, Princeton University    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, University of California — Berkeley  ,Yale University and University of Southern California.

In order to take a Graduation degree from a foreign university the applicant must clear SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) so that he is officially proven as being proficient in English Language and is ready to be a part of the foreign college culture. Proficiency in Maths, Reading, Essay Writing and Language is assessed in SAT. It is a myth for many of the students that their grammatical approach towards the English Language is accurate in every sense, but this is not that easy at it may seem. One needs good amount of practice along with the updated study material in a motivating and comfortable atmosphere.

New Cambridge College fulfills all these requirements with its abundant practice material available online and offline. The material is in full accordance with the recent study pattern. Our SAT Training Classes in Chandigarh are conducted by experienced staff members and the compact batch size of 7-10 students in a single batch promotes a calm and at the same time motivating atmosphere for the students. We prepare them in a way that they efficiently secure admission in their desired foreign colleges and are ready to be a part of the English Speaking society.

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