secret to score 100% in aptitude test


The title of this blog may sound like a dream that would never come true but when you have a strategic approach towards the preparation of your exams it is not something impossible to achieve. Moreover, the contentment that would come along after achieving a master score like that would be incomparable to anything in this world. Firstly the notion that the scores like 90 above and near 100 can only be scored by toppers or geniuses should be withered away. The key to scoring high does not just include strenuous work but the crucial ingredient is ‘THE SMART WORK’.

sectret to score 100 in aptitude test

SMART WORK in Competitive Exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT, etc is the basic necessity when you are aiming to score high. With the sections being Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge, Reasoning, English Language and Computer Understanding, the cramming type of preparation won’t sail you through it. There are two major reasons why you must adopt smart work for such exams

  1. For being faster than others

  2. For solving the complex problems with easier methods

The time limit of these tests is one major factor in affecting your performance. You must develop the art of being quick and correct in your attempts.


Here are 5 easy steps to give an impetuous boost to your Aptitude Test score-


Maths has been the devil ever since your childhood and now the time has come to conquer that devil and show him that you can rise above him. The learning of formulas and simple application of it won’t help you in clearing BANK PO Exam. You need much more than that. The Maths tricks are the rescues to your hard Math Problems whether it involves algebra or linear equations. There is always a shortcut method for it and being a student who is preparing for competitive exams you must know these tricks and hacks.


Enhancing your vocabulary, no way means learning each and every word of The Oxford Dictionary. Vocabulary enhancement in its primary steps includes adding new words to your routine communication and making their application a habit. Developing the habit of communicating in English on a regular basis. Getting the knack of some language when you are a non-native speaker to it requires a significant amount of effort from your part so it would be much better if you put in the smart effort.


Newspaper reading is going to serve a dual purpose for the preparation of your BANK PO Exam because not only it will make you aware of the national & international affairs but it will act as another medium in building up your knowledge of new words and their application. Newspaper reading will provide you with an insight into the connotative meanings too. Editorial Readings are very important for the ones who are preparing for Competitive Exams.


It might seem that our acumen for reasoning is exemplary and we are able to solve every question in its first attempt be it the pattern completion, blood relations, complete the series, or others. The road to success is not always that smooth and you have to keep practicing these questions in order to not lose the knack of it. Solving one or two questions in a week won’t maintain your skills. You require daily some amount of practice in order to be in close association with it and be thorough in each and every type of its question. Practice mock tests online as well as offline to judge the distinction of your speed in both types of tests.


Studying everything in abundance just before the exam date is like beating around the bush. You have to be in constant touch with the current affairs happening from 6 to 8 months prior to your exam. Reading the list of current affairs just before the exam won’t be helpful as there would be short term retention for all of them.

Key to score 100% isn’t that tough and if worked strategically the grand score can be achieved. New Cambridge College believes in strategic and smart learning methods. Online series of Mock Tests and Experienced Faculty members are at your disposal to help you get the best of grades in APTITUDE TESTS.

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