top hacks to crack sat 2017

Top Hacks to Crack SAT 2017

Studying Abroad in a reputed University is like a dream come true. Realizing the importance of your dreams and making your journey smooth in the foreign land there are various exams like IELTS, TOEFL and SAT 2017 conducted. IELTS and TOEFL being majorly focussing on assessing NON-NATIVE speakers of English with the same type of four sections being Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

top hacks to crack sat 2017

SAT 2017 is different from these two tests in some aspects. Firstly, it provides you with admission in US Colleges for undergraduate courses and secondly it is considered that the applicants for SAT 2017 are already having a good hold over the English Language. Its three sections are EVIDENCE BASED READING, LANGUAGE AND WRITING and MATHS .


Maths is haunting to most of us with its algebra, equations, graphs, geometry and problems. It is a big defeat when we solve a lengthy problem and the answer turns out to be wrong. All our hopes die and we conclude that maths is not our cup of tea. However if solved smartly with tricks we can master the art of solving equations in few seconds. There isn’t always a single elaborated method to solve a problem there is always a faster way you must get accustomed with.


Writing is an art. To be the artist of this art you must give importance to coherence and substance. Even if you write less and meaningful it would be appreciated by the examiner but writing lengthy paragraphs without any substantial information is going to serve no purpose at all. Your thoughts should be clear and organized. There should be a proper introduction to your essay progressing towards further explanation of the topic of discussion and finally ending with a conclusion.


While reading passage the things that you must keep in mind are understanding the theme of the Passage, and simultaneously looking for the answers to the questions that are put in.  Since there is no scope for face to face interview with the examiner you must carefully analyse the passages and reasoning questions in order to wither away any type of confusion. This is a clear myth that one has to look for the deeper meaning for answering the questions. The passages are simple enough and one just needs to have a clear state of mind to find out the answers given in between the lines of the passage.

New Cambridge College in Sector 17 is the best institute for SAT Coaching in Chandigarh. Our admission counselling for the beginners help them in taking their decision smartly. Our motto is Try! Judge! Join! Therefore, we offer Demo classes- an added feature that gives the student a beforehand chance to experience the modules of the course hence providing them with a better insight to the training that he is going to be a part of.

Our experienced and friendly faculty is always available for solving the student’s doubts. An updated range of test series gives the students abundant practice and chances to improve upon the sections in which he is lagging behind.

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