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Easy Steps to Improve Your Vocabulary for GRE | GMAT | SAT

English Vocabulary‘ –  this word in itself has different connotations for different individuals; and for surviving as one of the best in your surroundings, an individual should be well versed with different expressions of it. The complete understanding of the vocabulary is to an extent cumbersome, but you have got no reason to worry as here we have listed some easy to follow steps in order to polish your English Vocabulary to its finest. Students aiming to crack their GRE Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion questions, a must-read on for better tricks.


Improving your vocabulary isn’t about just learning big and fancy words. Begin from the very beginning start practicing simple and commonly used terms in English as a part of your daily conversation. For example, lead, serve, treat, mixed, carry, etc.

Commonly used sentences

A) ‘Take your bag along with you.’
You can replace it with
B) ‘Carry your bag along with you.’

There is nothing wrong with sentence A but you can also say it differently as Sentence B and with the variation, you will acquit novelty in your way of expressing thoughts.


The best learning is fun learning. The information is retained in your memory when you are accepting it in full concentration. Your area of interest or your hobby is the most appropriate option wherein you can learn new words. For example, while watching TV series, funny videos, or movies. If you like reading books, then include some English grammar and vocabulary books in your reading time that include exercises that will incline you towards this learning new words game steadily.


Indulge yourself in learning new expressions and idioms that are firstly common and also learn some queer expressions so that you are able to distinguish between their function in sentences. There is also a fun activity through which you can get acquainted with different types of expressions, each one of us is having some funny expressions in our native language try to look for the same expression in English vocabulary.

For example-Building castles in the sky

Hindi- (Asmani kile banana)


Read aloud and practice different types of articles, news, and reading material so that you are able to improve upon your pronunciation. When you will be practicing again and again you will get the hang of different expressions and idioms that you are learning. Intonation is the key process that makes you better at public speaking. What use it is being perfect in a language if you can’t show it off publicly. Hence, the art of English speaking not only improves your vocabulary but also brings about a sea change in your way of conversing formally as well as informally.


Relax! Relax! I don’t mean to scare you with the aspect of carrying a book everywhere and reading like a geek. What I meant by reading everywhere is read whatever you set your eye on like hoardings, posters, newspapers, notices, etc so that you can learn different types of thoughts and ideas.

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