Things to know before taking SAT

What do you need to know before taking your SAT?

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SAT – How to be Sure

SAT is a test which is a standardized procedure that is conducted for the admission purpose in the United States. In the 1926, Sat was first introduced and it was called Scholastic Aptitude Test then the name was changed to Scholastic Assessment test after the 2nd change, it was again changed into SAT Reasoning Test and now it is simply called SAT. The owner and publisher of SAT is the College Board which is a non profit organization in the USA. The main purpose of this test is to check or assess a student’s preparation and readiness for the college. By the year 2016, according to College Board, the SAT exam will move back to the 1600 point scale and the essay portion will be optional. Whole three hours will be provided to the students to complete their exam with an additional 50 minutes that will be used by them to complete the essay.

All you need to know before your SAT exam:

• Improve your vocabulary before the exam and that will help you a lot on the test day.
• Practice official tests and always check each and every answer properly because often some silly mistakes could turn best grades into just good grades.
• Read about all the topics carefully even if you don’t find some topics, interesting.
• There are going to be critical reading passages, try to solve their question by adopting different strategies.
• On your test day, know about your test centre beforehand and try to reach there early so that you have enough time to settle down and relax.
• Avoid taking with you extra reading material before the test and just try to remember whatever you know.
• Check to make sure you have packed all the necessary items you need during the exam so as to avoid future complications.
• Eat properly before the test and avoid drinking coffee. Pack some snacks with you so that you can fill up your small hungers whenever there are designated breaks.
• Avoid bringing your cell phones to the test centre and just focus on the part of the paper you are solving. Avoid any type of distractions.

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