10 Ways To ACE SAT

If you are looking to get a college seat in U.S, in all probability you’ll have to clear the SAT test.

More and more students from around the world are looking to get outside the comfort zone of their homes and jostle for college admissions in the United States.

SAT coaching in chandigarh has become the preferred option of students if they are aspiring to go to US for securing a seat in college.


If you find yourself one of them, stop fretting over your selection and Prepare wisely for the test by following these 10 steps:

1. Be Clear About Your Goals: Keep a list of all the colleges you want to go into and the SAT scores that those colleges accept. Analyse your calibre and work accordingly. Make a list of all the colleges, SAT scores that they accept and set small goals for yourself. Achieving those small goals would keep you motivated.

2. Set A Schedule: After you have jotted down the items in your list, it would be easier for you to decide upon the number of hours needed for the preparation.

3. Do Proper Research: Research about all the sections that appear on the SAT and how they are scored. You’ll need to decide the sections that you are going to write. This would help you streamline your options and focus in a better manner.

4. Get Your Hands on The Best Books: Books are the best way to expand the horizons of the mind. Try to find books that’ll give you good tips to score better and would let you in some tricks on how to give time to each section and attempt questions within the given time.

5. Look For Material Online: The Internet is the world that’d offer you a plethora of information to choose from. It is up to your intelligence to process and screen the information. Try to get as much information as you can from every available source.

6. Enrol in SAT Coaching Class: Studying in a class with like-minded people who share similar goals as you help you in learning and sharing your Knowledge with others. An environment of competition triggers the drive to perform zealously and improving the performance of an individual.

7. Track Your Performance: Keep a track on your performance by recording the number of hours devoted each day to the preparation and the targets that have been achieved. Redesign your schedule accordingly. Focus on the areas that need more practice and work assiduously towards that.

8. Practice Makes The Difference: How many times have you heard the adage ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ and how many times have you overlooked the importance of the act of practicing. Practice is what it takes to reach the level of an expert from that of the beginner. Practice as many different questions within a given time and keep noting your development as the time passes. Taking timed practice tests would help you prepare for the actual day of the test.

9. On The Day of The Test: After taking SAT coaching from Chandigarh and investing precious hours of time into the preparation when the day of the test comes don’t let panic get the worst out of you. The amount of practice is proportional to the amount of confidence when you write your paper. Be calm and solve the maximum number of questions within the given time.

10. Learn To Move on: When you look at a question and don’t know how to go about it, move on to the next question. Instead of wasting time on one question, score marks on another. Even after spending a huge amount of time on one question, you can’t narrow down to one option take a wise decision and try to solve the questions that follow.

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