PTE FAQs – All You Need to Know About PTE

Before appearing for any exam, students have multiple questions and doubts. Especially if the exam is responsible for your study abroad dreams. One such exam is PTE, number of students wanting to study abroad appear for PTE. It’s a computer-based academic English language test directed for non-native English speakers to assess their English speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. Lasting for 3 hours, this test is taken in a secure test environment. There are multiple questions that a student appearing for PTE has. In this post, you can get answers to all those PTE FAQs and choose whether or not to take the PTE examination: 

#QUESTION 1: Are Speaking and Writing two different sections? 

ANSWER: No, speaking and writing are part of the same section. However, it shares the maximum time duration with 77-93 minutes of the PTE exam.

#QUESTION 2: In the speaking test, is it okay to speak fast to score more? 

ANSWER: No, by speaking fast, you can lose points. Your words can get unclear because of the speed. Keep a steady pace to sound clear both in your thoughts and in your words. 

#QUESTION 3: Is there any chance to lose points if you take time to give answers?

ANSWER: This is one of the most critical PTE FAQs – If you take more time in the speaking section, you might be left with less time to answer the other sections. So remember, time management is critical for the PTE examination.

#QUESTION 4: What happens if you miss a word in the repeat sentence question?

ANSWER: Ideally, you should try not to miss any word, but if you do, just be confident and maintain your fluency. Do not get affected! Instead, you can use a scratchpad to make notes. You can write the starting alphabet of each word.

#QUESTION 5: Is accent important?

ANSWER: Your accent will not affect your scores. You just have to speak clearly to score well. 

#QUESTION 6: How to start preparing for PTE?

ANSWER: Since each section has a particular set of tasks. And there is a dire need to answer the questions in time. So either opt for self-preparation, or you can opt for the training session with the PTE coach.

#QUESTION 7: How to score good marks in PTE?

ANSWER:  This is one of the most searched PTE FAQs. With the exact techniques, anyone can score well in the PTE examination. As all the sections affect the score of each other, be aware of the scoring criteria. You can also follow these techniques.

  1. Be fluent
  2. Do not use fake accents
  3. Use intonations at the right time and the right place
  4. Avoid pauses longer than 3 seconds
  5. Do not rush and avoid speaking after the beep sound in the speaking section
  6. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes
  7. Learn to create complex sentences
  8. Be aware of negative marking
  9. Learn the rule of elimination
  10. Speaking and listening sections are interrelated. So attempt questions carefully. 

#QUESTION 8: Can PTE scores be re-evaluated? 

ANSWER: PTE exam is a computer-based test. The results, too, are computer-generated. But still, if you are not satisfied, you can request for re-evaluation of your score.

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