PTE Tips and Tricks to Score 79+

6 PTE Tips and Tricks to Score 79+ in All Sections of the Exam

We have already covered the basics of PTE and the exam format in our previous blog. You can view it here. However, in this blog, we will be talking about the main tips that will help you score more than 79 in your PTE exam. These are fool-proof strategies that you will not be found in any book, and we assure you, it will make your PTE preparation a lot easier. You can read on these PTE tips and tricks and make learning a piece of cake:

Let’s get started!

1. Design a PTE exam strategy

As the exam contains four sections like reading, writing, listening, and speaking, learn all the four sections with equal time. Do not focus on one section and then move to the other, which might hamper your flow of preparation. Devise your strategy!

2. Resources for preparation

Do not limit yourself to one academic source or book. For PTE exam preparation, search for websites that provide study material, visit nearby book stores or libraries, join PTE coaching institutes, and perform in mock test series.

3.Time management is the holy grail

Note that you have to complete the entire exam in three hours, keeping an eye on the time allotted for each section. Do not keep time management as the last part of your practice strategy. Do it from the first day!

4. Selection of exam mentor

Even you have all the resources required for a successful exam score, it is still important to select and be guided by the correct mentor. You can study all the PTE coaching institutes in Chandigarh and choose the one that suits you best. Do not pick according to your peers and friends. Select expert professionals for advanced preparation and training.

5. Pre-requisite for PTE test

Make sure to have a valid passport before registering for your PTE exam, as it is crucial.

6. Use of notepad in the writing exam

PTE is a computerized exam, and you will miss your pen and paper. Especially in the speaking section, the students wish to make notes of relevant facts. For those moments, use the erasable notepad that you will be provided in the exam. Most of the time, the students do not know that they can use the notepad!

Consider the PTE tips and tricks, prepare yourself well, and build a robust future! Other than implementing these valuable pointers, go ahead and explore the best PTE coaching institutes in Chandigarh. Good-Luck!

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