Beginners IELTS Coaching Vocabulary List

IELTS Vocabulary List For Beginners

Vocabulary holds an important part in IELTS Coaching. Either you talk about Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking, a good hold on vocabulary influences one’s score in each section. In order to understand the written or spoken text in Reading & Listening module and to use differentiated words in Writing & Speaking, it is important to add to one’s vocabulary store on a regular basis. Due to an enormous collection of words and languages which are being updated and made obsolete every day, it is important to have a set of words which can be referred to and used whenever required. Beginners IELTS Coaching Vocabulary List

For someone, who has just started learning English, regular learning of simple words is important to reach a 7 band level in IELTS.

Let’s look at some of such words:

1. Assume: To believe on something without having a proof of the same
2. Prolonged: Somethings which lasts more than expected
3. Access: The ability or liberty to approach something
4. Acquaintance: A familiarity with something or someone
5. Achieve: To bring something to a desired or expected end
6. Enhancement: An improvement in the value of something
7. Recognition: Identification of something as having been previously seen or heard
8. Enmity: A feeling of hatred for something or someone
9. Composition: Combination of parts or elements
10. Treason: An act of breaking one’s trust
11. Gesture: A physical moment or expression to convey a feeling
12. Nostalgic: A yearning full of sentiments for joy experienced in a former place, situation or time
13. Panacea: One solution for all diseases
14. Flattery: False praise which is done to solve one’s own purpose
15. Complex: Difficult
16. Account: A description of events
17. Invention: An act of producing a new thing
18. Judge: To form an opinion after careful consideration
19. Linen: A type of fibre
20. Evident: Something which is easily understandable
21. Utter: to speak or pronounce something
22. Scarce: Less in quantity, Deficient
23. Apparent: Something which is exposed to sight
24. Fancy: Imagination, Conception
25. Passage: Portion of a written work

This is a list of 25 words. But, for a better understanding, it is important to read many such lists. One should read regularly and keep an account of the words one comes across. New Cambridge College is there to help you with a number of such lists and regular assessment to aid in your vocabulary. Join NCC – The best IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh

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