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Don’t Commit These Silly GMAT Blunders

GMAT Improvement Tips

Clearing GMAT test is important to pursue your MBA. Students worry about the tricky parts of the GMAT such as questions of problem solving, analysis of data, critical reasoning etc. And though these questions require an uninterrupted application of mind, there are several other things which are considered too easy to be paid attention to which makes students lose out on marks.

For questions that are considered difficult are taken care of by most of the applicants but the simpler parts are not.

Here is a list that describes the most common GMAT mistakes that the students commit

  1. Taking the help of faulty and incorrect resource material:

    It is the common tendency to use as much practice material that comes your way. In order to practice more, people take help of all the Gmat preparation material, tips and tricks aiming for a wholesome preparation. Nonetheless, it should be kept in mind that in order to attain quantity, quality shouldn’t be compromised. In the hurry of obtaining a large amount of resource material, don’t take the help of material which is inauthentic. You need to compare and evaluate the material that you are using. Also, many students take the help of GRE resource material for preparation of GMAT, compare both of the tests and then go about the same.

  1. Don’t be a rote Learner:

    GMAT isn’t a test of Memory. They are not testing you on your ability to remember all the words of the vocabulary or the maths formulas. If it would have been that simple a process every person would have gotten into Harvard or Stanford.

It is not about memorizing the words but making your comprehension skills better so that while going through a passage, you don’t stumble to find the answers even though meanings of some words are unknown to you.

Similarly, it is not about learning all the math formulas by heart but developing the sense of numbers and edging on your skills to understand how a formula works. This way you’ll never feel blank and would always be able to solve a problem even when you can’t recall the exact mathematical formula.

  1. Maintaining the fine balance while solving Math Problems:

    Math problems is such that a little over or under thinking can land you to an incorrect answer. If you are over-relaxed about having to choose between multiple options then you can choose an answer that might seem correct but in reality is not. On the other hand, if you over think and choose to solve every question by the step-by-step formula then you’d sure lose on the precious time that you have and not be able to solve some questions or guess them incorrectly in haste.

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  1. Beginning too slowly:

    Time management is the key. Very often we fasten our speed towards the middle or the end of the test. The correct way to do it is to time yourself from the beginning. For e.g., You are given 30 minutes for the ‘analytical writing assessment’. Set time aside for planning stage and the other sub-tasks. Time yourself very carefully so that later you have time for revision as well.

In the other sections think about the average time that you’ll be devoting to each question and keep a constant watch on your clock.

These mistakes are most commonly made by students, therefore easy to gather. However, these are not universally true of all the aspirants. GMAT coaching Institutes in Punjab and various other parts of the world make efforts to arrive at the problems faced by every student and solve them.

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