6 Expert Tips for clearing GMAT Math

Overcome the Horrors of GMAT Math with these 6 Expert Tips

Mathematics gives chills to most people, especially when it comes to GMAT. It is considered that the Math section in GMAT is very tough as the difficulty level of the question increases with every right answer and you get deducted scores with every wrong answer.

There are various GMAT Coaching Centers in Chandigarh that can help you practice well for your GMAT exam and help you get over your fear of math. But, you should also try on your own individual level to be better at Math.

6 Expert Tips for clearing GMAT Math

Given are some simple tips that will help you get over your fear of math and build confidence to solve questions easily.

1. Master the fundamentals

The mathematic basics and fundamentals are very important. In this subject, you can’t try to solve hard or complex questions if you are not clear with the basics. You have to take one step at a time. Start with the basics, solve some questions and once you think that you know the basics very well, you can increase the difficulty level of the questions.

If you try to directly jump onto the difficult questions, you are likely to get confused and lose all your confidence. This is the main reason for most of the fears as people directly jump onto the complex parts.

2. Simplify calculations

Give yourself a break from difficult calculations. You don’t always have to go the hard way. Try to simplify your calculations as much as possible. If not accurate, you will get a precise answer that will be very near to one of the options and hence you can get the right answer.

The easiest way to simplify your calculations is by rounding off method. You can round off your number to the nearest 10 or 100 etc depending on the number of digits. Also you can eliminate the digits after the decimal just by adding 1 to the units place digit. These tips will make your calculations very easy.

3. Plug-in numbers

Plugging-in numbers is the most commonly used and very effective strategy to simplify your mathematic problems. If a question gives you only variables and doesn’t ask you to solve for a number, you can pick values for the variables to make them easier to work with or to test statements.

However, you must use smart numbers. 1,-1, 0 etc are good numbers to plug in if you don’t have any confines, because they are easy and manageable.

4. Backsolve

When you are unable to solve your question or to find the right option, you can always try backsolving the problem. It is a very easy way and leads you to the accurate answer.

In this, you pick a suitable answer from the choices given to you and then try to solve the question using that choice as the answer. If you find it compatible, then it is your answer and if not, then do the same with some other option.

5. Don’t stress over the hard questions

In GMAT, you get negative marking over every wrong answer you try. Therefore, do not attempt a question unless you are sure of the answer.

Also try to solve the easy questions first. You do not have a lot of time in your GMAT Math section. Therefore, you can’t spend a lot of time just solving just one question that you find hard. Solve the easy ones first and then if you have extra time left, you can solve the difficult questions.

6. Analyze your practice tests

Taking Practice tests is very important while you prepare for GMAT Exam. Before appearing for your exam, you must take as many practice tests as possible. This will give you a clear idea of how much you are prepared and how much more you need to practice.

Taking practice tests will also help you know for which topic you need to practice more. It will also help you get an idea of the speed that you need to develop.

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