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PTE : A Complete Guide by New Cambridge College

PTE: Pearson Test of English

PTE - New Cambridge College

PTE tests the English proficiency of non native speakers of English. While PTE general is accepted by employment agencies and educational institutions; it can’t be used when a candidate has to apply for a visa. PTE academic serves the purpose.

Understand the Format:

It is divided into three parts:

Speaking and Writing: It consists of exercises such as Personal introduction, re-telling of a lecture, describing images, answering short questions, and writing essays. The candidate is required to answer all the questions within the time-span of 77-93 minutes.
Reading: It includes Multiple choice questions, reordering of paragraphs, and filling the blanks in the time range of 32-41 minutes.
Listening: In this section, the candidate is required to summarize spoken texts, highlight incorrect words, and correct from dictation. it consists of MCQ’S and filling the blanks as well. It has a time boundary of 45-57 minutes.


What sets PTE apart from other tests is:

1. Type of Questions: PTE academic chooses its academic content questions from real life scenarios, which brings down the element of monotony. Just like in a reality the lectures that you hear in the test will feature varied accents ranging from British, American to Non English speakers.
2. Tests Multiple Abilities at a Time: it combines the candidate’s ability of speaking and writing at a time.
3. Quick: The results of the test are delivered in 5 business days making it easier for students to evaluate themselves and apply to as many Universities as they want.

Important things to remember before you take the test.

Concentrate: PTE tests various skills at one time so it is very significant that you free your mind of all the preoccupations and concentrate solely on the given task. Candidates find it difficult to describe images or re-tell the lecture. both these questions assess the speaking ability of the test taker. concentrate on the image being shown and elaborate as much as you can.

When the lecture is being played, paying attention to the main points, theme and the purpose of the speaker is required as these points would help in retelling the lecture.

Practice your ability to converse in English on an everyday basis. the more you speak, the better you overcome your flaws, grammatical errors and gradually, confidence is built.

• Practice is the key to all the answers:

1. Reading from all the source materials builds your capacity to achieve a higher reading speed, scanning the data and segregating the main points. the more you practice reading, the more easy it is for you to go through all the questions within the time limit.
When you read your mind forms a mental dictionary of its own, facilitating you to write on a particular topic instantaneously without stopping every once in a while, searching for the fitting word. when writing an essay, try bolstering your arguments with suitable examples to achieve high scores.

2. To do well in the Listening section keep a notepad and a pen handy so that you can keep jotting down all the important points as they are being spoken. you can do a simple exercise of listening to YouTube videos with subtitles and thereafter matching your text with the subtitles.

Keep calm:

Don’t try to be over prepared and keep a check on your anxiety. in an effort to score higher students keep themselves working till the day of the test strikes. it hampers your performance. make sure that you relax and have a good night’s sleep before the date of your test.

As it is a fully computer based test, it is recommended that you take the PTE Academic online scored practice test. it is a 3 hour on- computer mock test with results in the end so that you can have a look at the weaker areas and practice to improve upon them.

PTE academic score report evaluates a candidate on a range of 10-90 points. it includes overall score, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores.

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