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How to Write Better English Sentences in IELTS?

Improve your Sentence Structure:

IELTS, the standardised test of English language, which people take for migration to abroad countries, tests the efficiency of an individual in reading, writing, listening and speaking English in a way easily understood. In various walks of life, either academic or professional, an individual is expected to write. The academic course requires writing various assignments and question papers where as in the professional field, formation of a lot of reports, researches and presentations require continuous writing. To get adapted in a new environment and to keep pace with the speed and way people of the other countries write, it is important to learn some basic standards of writing good English sentences while preparing for IELTS exam, which will not only help the test taker secure good bands in the test but also learn writing better English sentences.

IELTS english sentences

Tips to Remember:

The first and foremost quality of a good piece of writing is the maintenance of coherence in the ideas, which is easily done with the use of linking words. It is recommended to follow the list of linking words while practising writing tasks in IELTS. Therefore, additionally, firstly, secondly, thirdly, consequently, moreover, however are some of the linking words to mention. The use of such words connect the sentences and hence give a flow to the ideas written down in the piece of writing. A proper understanding of the use of words would definitely give a better edge to the candidate in writing module as compared to others.
In order to make our piece of writing stand apart from others, the use of heavy words instead of basic vocabulary is another way to present a better piece of writing. Replacing the commonly used words with better and not so commonly used words is another way of making the examiner give special attention to your piece of writing. Replacing the use of words like ‘show’ with elucidates, enunciates, using ‘for example’, ‘for instance’ instead of ‘like’ and assist, aid and support at place of to help and adopting this way of replacing words with their better synonyms makes the English sentences worth reading.
Another approach for presenting a better form of writing is change the order of putting words taking into consideration the part which one wants to emphasise.

Let’s understand this concept with an example:

Look at the two different ways of writing a sentence:

1- Teaching gives an experience of interacting with students and understanding their requirements. Teaching also gives an opportunity to learn.
2- Not only does teaching gives an opportunity to learn , but it also helps in getting an experience of interacting with students and understanding their requirements.
Without any second school of thought, the way second sentence is written catches more attention and looks more sophisticated. Understanding this way to write sentences is a must to fetch good bands.
Last but not the least, avoid repetition while writing and emphasize on varying your sentence structure. It reduces the monotony of the long piece of writing and hence the examiner reads it with more interest which consequently increases your chance to secure more bands.
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