Why is IELTS Important at All

To all the people who are seeking to venture abroad for education, work or other purposes one of the Processes that they find Cumbersome is getting a good score in IELTS.

More than achieving a higher band score students struggle to understand how and why IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is essential if it is at all.


There are mainly two reasons for people to disrelish IELTS.

Firstly it adds to the already existing financial burden that exists if one has to move to a foreign shore and secondly it requires Hard-Work, dedication and continuous practice on the part of the candidate to attain higher band score to secure a place of study for themselves.

To all the people who find their queries unanswered, here are the points that would substantiate the significance of the IELTS test.

  1. The Importance of Proficiency in the english language: Before IELTS was introduced, one to one interviews used to be the criteria by which the candidates would be selected for going abroad.
  2. Ability to use the english language effectively has always been an important prerequisite.
  3. However, this system created quite opposition and hassles for both; Immigration authorities and applicants.
  4. Considering the huge number of applicants, one on one Interview used to be a long and time consuming process leading to several years of delays in the processing of applications.
  5. This was an unmanageable process for decision making as well.
  6. Moreover, there was no standardization and chances of the test taker’s subjectivity to reflect on the results because of his/ her understanding were probable.
  7. One on One interviews also proved difficult to test applicant’s overall ability in various areas such as; reading, speaking, listening, writing, and understanding.

How was IELTS Introduced:

Because of all these problems, it was unanimously felt that there was a need to introduce a test that would provide equal opportunities to all the students without any element of subjectivity.

It was a tool that was used to assess the applicant’s ability in the four areas namely; listening, reading, speaking and writing with the utmost objectivity.

IELTS has emerged as an important condition which the candidates need to fulfill to go to study overseas in highly sought destinations like Canada, USA, Australia, UK and New Zealand.

Bridging the barrier of language when an applicant decides to go overseas is very important and IELTS provides the candidates the necessary cushion against any difficult situation that might arise and bolsters their confidence as well.

Language is the first step towards communication and proves invaluable to students who are staying away from their homes looking for opportunities in newer and challenging arenas.

IELTS coaching in punjab has become very important because of the aspirations to go abroad that every person harbors.

Earning a status for oneself and expansion of financial and social boundaries are some of the reasons that compel people to go for IELTS coaching in Punjab.

Migration is not a new phenomenon that has been witnessed in the land of five rivers, People from punjab continue to travel to different areas of the world building a strong global network of people.

Some of these reasons and much more continue to drive people to look for IELTS coaching in Punjab.

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