About GRE

What you need to know about GRE


What you need to know about GRE

About GRE: Graduate record examination or GRE is a test that is required by most graduate schools in the USA. It was first created by ETS in the year 1949. This exam basically focuses on checking critical, Quantitative, verbal and analytical skills of a student. GRE test is usually computer based test and it is taken by students at prometric testing centres. Some of the grad schools may require one or more GRE subject tests. The main purpose behind this test is to help graduate schools to decide if a student have the stuff that is required by them for their program. Scores of GRE play an important role in the admission process as the main emphasis is laid on the GRE scores to get admitted in any departments of the school.

By the year 2011, GRE result pattern changed. Rather than question by question basis it changed to section basis that means performance on verbal and maths section determine the difficulty of the other sections in the paper. The total scoring scale was changed to 130-170 from 200-800 scale.


Important points to know about GRE test:

About GRE

  • GRE scores matter a lot, if you want admission in masters or doctoral programs in a grad school but various business colleges worldwide also accepts GRE scores for the admission in the MBA program, doctoral or masters program.
  • GRE has test taker friendly design that means you can mark or review any question and come back later to solve it and you can even edit your answers whenever you want.
  • In addition to the test taker friendly approach, on screen calculators will be provided to the students and for those who opted for paper test, calculators will be handed to them at the test centers.
  • There is no age limit and anyone can give the test. The scores are valid for good five years.
  • Register early for the GRE test and do not forget to check out the sample questions that includes all the sections.
  • Take out enough time to refresh your maths skills and do not forget to use the calculator wisely and effectively.
  • Connect with the other students who have taken this test and discuss with them about the strategies they followed while preparing for the test.

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