How to prepare for SAT in 2023

SAT Preparation: How to Prepare for SAT in 2023

Exams like the GMAT and GRE have come to be considered the de facto norm when speaking of studying abroad preparations. As a result, when it comes to the SAT, one may have relatively fewer possibilities for individualised coaching and study partners. In this blog, we will help you discover tips on how to prepare for SAT in 2023

Given that the bulk of students travelling overseas are graduates, international undergraduate students may encounter more perplexed stares. However, if one is strategic from the outset, SAT prep may be a breeze.

How to prepare for SAT in 2023

The best SAT prep calls for a long-term perspective on the desired universities and programmes. In addition to the buffer period, if you take the test in the event that your results are lower than predicted, the start date of your programme will dictate when you must take the exam. 

The next logical move is to take a diagnostic exam to determine your strengths and weaknesses once you are comfortable with the test’s format and syllabus. As a result, you’ll be in a better position to design a study schedule that works for you. 

Your unique demands should be catered to in the plan: Given that students’ skill sets and focus areas vary, allocating the same amount of time to each sort of question is almost always going to be a poor strategy.

SAT exam preparation techniques 

You will learn after the initial test itself that the amount of work required varies significantly for various topics. 

For certain topics, you will be an expert; all you need to do to get flawless marks is to ensure there are no careless errors. For the others, some review is required, and consistent practice (via mock tests and questions) will be sufficient to raise the results. Not to mention, there may be topics that cause you to itch your brain.

There are several methods for SAT preparation, depending on your particular tastes, available time for studying, and budget. If you reside in a big city like Chandigarh, your friendly local market probably has a coaching centre. Or even better, you can take assistance from New Cambridge College, they offer SAT classes in Chandigarh

Or, even better, you may complete the study materials and design a self-study schedule (effective Google skills will go a long way). New Cambridge College offers an outstanding, official, and best SAT coaching in Chandigarh

Tips for SAT Prep

The SAT prep verbal portion can be greatly aided by a long-term reading habit. It’s a good idea to read newspaper op-ed pieces and analyse the arguments made by the author, particularly if the material is dry and/or obscure. 

For the vocabulary portion, having flashcards might help you imprint difficult words in your medium- or long-term memory (ideally hand-written). It is crucial to examine the texts critically as well. Instead of reading the entire chapter in detail, it is preferable to quickly scan it to get the broad context before moving on to the questions.

By grasping the basics, one may correct any weaknesses in mathematics. Memorizing fundamental formulae can be very beneficial and speed up exam time (special triangle rules, Pythagorean Theorem, exponent rules etc). Understanding how a calculator works and having the discernment to realise when it is not necessary are equally important. 

While certain calculations can be made incorrectly without a calculator, others can be completed far more quickly.

In addition, answering multiple choice questions is a distinct challenge than answering subjective questions. Reverse engineering the possibilities is a helpful tactic under time pressure, whether one is looking for grammatical flaws in English or entering the solution choices for mathematics. Extreme response options that begin with “never,” “always,” etc. make the process of elimination simpler. 

However, it is crucial to focus on the specifics of the question while responding since it is really simple to make a dumb error (such as solving and responding for X when X+5 was requested, for example). It is very forbidden to spend too much time on a single question. Instead, mark the question and continue with the exam (and return, if time permits in the end).

The expectation for pupils who choose to write essays is a “decent first draught,” not a polished final product. It is essential to have a strong argument-based framework. 

The essay ought to reveal your capacity for organised thought and your knowledge of the English language. You’ll discover a formula for writing essays that works for you as you practise by setting aside time for thinking, drafting, and editing. 

New Cambridge College, sample questions and student essay examples for SAT will help you set realistic expectations and determine what they’re looking for. 

Few pointers to be noted here:

  • In order to get the grade you deserve, you must control your anxieties. Make sure you’ve planned everything you’ll need for D-Day the day before. 
  • A passport, a calculator, pencils, erasers, and an admissions card are required. Bringing snacks, fruits, and beverages for consumption during the lengthier pauses is also an excellent idea. 
  • Make sure you have a good night’s sleep the night before the test so you are well-rested and have superhuman abilities from remaining calm.

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