SAT Essay and SAT Subject Discontinued

SAT Essay and SAT Subjects Discontinued: Here’s What You Should Know!

Covid-19 has created an impugning effect on the traditional test-taking standards for many high-school students. Due to the changes (social distancing) in the testing arrangements, the college board on 19th January 2021 announced that it would eliminate the optional essay section as well as the subject tests from SAT.  With SAT Essay and SAT Subjects Discontinued, let’s read more about this change and how it will impact the students.

As SAT subject tests are used internationally for a variety of purposes, they have mentioned providing two more administrations, around May and June 2021, for the international candidates. The mentor colleges will decide on how to consider the SAT subject test scores. Students are advised to check the college websites for getting first-hand information in respect to the applicable policies. 

Basic guidelines for existing students:

  1. The students who have currently registered in the USA will automatically have their registrations canceled and fees reimbursed.
  2. The students outside the USA who have registered for SAT exam or are planning to take it can still test through the 2021 administration. But the students who are no longer interested in taking the subject test can call customer service to cancel and receive a reimbursement.
  3. Students who have currently applied or wish to apply for the SAT essay test can continue to give it by June 2021. However, the ones who wish to cancel the essay portion of the test can do it from their online accounts, with no change in fees, until the deadline date of registration.
  4. By June 2021, the essay section will be a part of the SAT school day administrations. Students will have to check with the schools about it. 

P.S- Writing will always be essential for college readiness; therefore, SAT will remain to measure the writing and editing skills. But students will have to follow other ways to showcase their mastery of essay writing!

In addition to this, let us dive deeper into the common objections related to the news.
#FAQ1 – What is the 2021 administration schedule?

ANSWER: Registration by the international students can be done in the early booking and late booking slots. (Early registration dates: March 24, 2021 and April 21, 2021). (Late registration dates: April 8, 2021 and May 6, 2021) However, the final test dates are for May 8, 2021; and June 9, 2021. The international guidelines apply to anyone outside the USA and its territories. Deadlines will expire at 11:59 pm, ET, US. There is no late registration in case of international testing. But if you register through international registration, you need to submit papers with fees by the early registration date. For more information, click here.

#FAQ2- When will registration open for fall 2021 and by spring 2022?

ANSWER: Registration will open in June 2021. 

#FAQ3- The reason for discontinuation of SAT subject tests?

ANSWER: We are trying to reduce the demands on the students. The expanded reach of AP (Advanced Placements) and its availability means that subject tests are no longer necessary for students. 

#FAQ4- What should you do if you already registered for SAT test or are planning to take subject tests?

ANSWER: As specified above, students from the US will get their fees refunded. However, students from other countries can give the test till June 2021. Check with the colleges you want to take admission to. So, you can decide whether the SAT subject scores will be valuable for you or not. If you still do not wish to take the subject tests, call on customer service (+1-212-713-7789, 9 AM to 6 PM ET Monday-Friday) to cancel your registration.

#FAQ5- Why do international students are allowed to take the test by June 2021, but USA students do not?

ANSWER: Subject tests are used for a variety of reasons internationally, such as advanced placements, local credential equivalencies for entering college, and as credentials for international students planning to study overseas.

#FAQ6- If you are in the USA, should you travel abroad to give the SAT exam?

ANSWER: International administrations are only for students who reside in countries other than the USA.

#FAQ7- If you have already taken SAT subject tests, will colleges consider the scores?

ANSWER: Colleges will decide about this. So the students should check their websites to get primitive information.

#FAQ8- How to showcase the skills in specific subject areas without the opportunity to take subject tests?

ANSWER: College board has extended its reach to AP courses. This can be utilized by students to showcase their skills through challenging coursework. Along with this, colleges also have access to the student’s performance in the vital subject areas in their SAT scores, course selection, and other measures.

#FAQ9- Reason for discontinuation of SAT essay?

ANSWER: This response adapts to the changing needs of the students. It streamlines the process for students who have other valuable opportunities. You can write an essay as a part of the work you have opted for during college.

#FAQ10 Will colleges still consider the essay scores?

ANSWER: If you take SAT with an essay, the colleges might consider it a part of their holistic review process. Check the college website to get exact policies.

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The colleges are going to take time to make a lucrative plan for students for the SAT essay and SAT subjects discontinued. So do not worry! Talented students will always get supported.

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