Reasons for Why You Perform Poorly in TOEFL Exam

Reasons for Why You Perform Poorly in TOEFL Exam

Today we won’t talk about what you need to do to achieve better scores in TOEFL exam but about what not to do to achieve better scores.

TOEFL institutes in Haryana and other places are helping their students to tackle their failures and turn them into their stories of success.

Reasons for Why You Perform Poorly in TOEFL Exam

Below are the 7 Reasons that would Tell you the reason for why you fail.

1.No Practice makes a Man Imperfect: Students often display overconfidence by believing that TOEFL doesn’t require any special preparation and just an English test.

Although it is a test that measures the abilities of a non-native speaker to speak English effectively, it is not just an English test. In the 4 sections given in the test, each test measures a candidate’s ability to understand the use of language in a scholastic environment.

2.Weak base in the English Language:

Many students haven’t attended their English lessons in class and that is why their basic knowledge and fundamentals of the Language is weak. The candidate’s performance in speaking and writing section is going to be affected because of the weak essentials of the Language. Hence a student’s  basic fundamentals in the English Language must be strong in order to score better in the test.

3.Unclear and incomprehensible use of English Language:  A common problem that all students would unanimously agree to is the inability to express their thoughts and opinions clearly. When they speak continuously, they fumble a lot and speak in an incoherent manner. This causes a bad impression on the examiners. Another important thing to take care of is your accent and diction. Don’t change your accent but speak in a manner so that every word you speak is understandable to the examiners. The use of the language and the choice of words should suit the purpose of what you are talking about.

4.Unnecessary fears:  Some students find themselves holding irrational apprehensions about the test  because of the unpleasant experiences of the candidates who have taken the exam before. The outcome of this is that students are unable to see beyond what they have been told and perform poorly in the tests. It is important to always have a positive approach and let your experiences shape your thoughts instead of someone else’s feelings to determine their test scores.

5.Poor time management- This is one tip that is applicable in all the situations of Life, let alone tests. In order to be efficient and achieve greater productivity one needs to manage time and that too skilfully. In the time span of 24 hours, some people manage to do things far greater than what others manage to complete in the same time.

A poor time management leads to a student to leave some questions or answering the questions wrong (in a hurried way).

6.Not knowing when to use punctuation marks: Not knowing how to use punctuation marks puts off the examiner to a great extent. Not only does it lead to your summary or essay sounding ineffective but it would lead to your examiner feeling unimpressed as well.

7.Turning down the option of coaching institutes: Students turn down the options of coaching institutes thinking them to be a waste of time and money, however, research has proved that students who prepared for the TOEFL test with a coaching institute achieved better scores than those who didn’t. It is always the best option to have an experienced guide beside you to help you achieve your goals.

This is why many students are enrolling themselves in TOEFL classes in Haryana to not let anything be an obstacle in their path.

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