tips to improve SAT math scores

Raise your SAT Math Scores with these Simple Tips

Does your heart skip a beat when you come over to the Mathematics section of the SAT exam? Probably not. The very thought of studying the mathematical theorems probably makes you squeamish and the slightest mention of the SAT Math is likely to send shivers down your spine.

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Also, given are some simple and brilliant tips that have proven beneficial to improve your SAT Math scores.

1. Divide and Conquer

Most of the students have a fixed strategy in mind, that is, to answer each and every question even if it means you have to make wild guesses and take a shot in the dark. Well, this is something you should not do in SAT exam, because with every wrong answer, you deduct your 0.25 marks, which can be a lot to lose.

You do not have to attempt all the questions in the Math section. Instead, you should focus on the questions that you find easy or are 100% sure of the answer.

When it comes to the easy questions, just do it. Spend the least amount of time on them. These are the easy once, you’ll probably get right. Spend most of your time on the intermediate questions. These are neither difficult nor easy, but a little bit tricky. You can get them right if you focus and practice them. Then comes the difficult questions. If you have time left, Try to answer these questions. To answer them you can use various strategies like the elimination process. If you get them right, very well for you. There is no loss in trying.

2. Plug in the Value

In the SAT Math section, most of the questions are multiple choices. This makes it easy to solve the question as the correct answer is already given; you just have to find it amongst the wrong answers.

There is another important strategy, used to answer such questions, especially in maths. This strategy is called the plug it in strategy.

In this strategy, you pick up a value from the multiple choices and then try to put it in the question. You try to solve the question keeping in mind that your chosen value is the answer. If you find it compatible by solving it, then your chosen value is your answer. If not, try again with some other value.

3. Estimate

Estimation is one of the people’s favourite strategies. People estimate things at different levels in their daily life. Therefore, it seems to be very easy yet effective strategy. But what does estimating in Math exactly mean?

Estimation is used mostly in the word problems that might come a handy or in the questions which either have a diagram already drawn or requires you to draw a diagram to solve it.

When it comes to the questions with diagrams already given along with them, most of the time it is said that the diagram is not drawn to the scale. To answer these questions easily, think of the diagram as drawn to the scale and then estimate a suitable answer to your problem. Once you have estimated the answer, you must solve the question the other way. The accurate answer will always be near about your estimated value. This will help you solve the question easily.

4. The Math Language

Learning the math language is very important. There are various rules in math that you need to know that will help you when you try to understand the question.

You should learn the basic math theorems, because they are very important to solve the tricky questions. Having a better hold on Math theorems, means that you will be able to solve most of the questions easily.

You should also learn the basic mathematical terms like the integers, algebra, exponents, variables, constants etc. Because if you don’t know these terms, you are most likely to not understand what the question is.

Also, there are various expressions which prove to be very useful and make solving questions very easy for you.

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