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Prepare Yourself for the IELTS Writing Test

What distinguishes a winner from others is the amount of preparation. It’s about having a planning strategy that aims to strengthen your existing abilities and eliminate the existing shortcomings.

Best IELTS - New Cambridge College

There are some guidelines for ILETS Exam that you need to follow in order to ace the ‘Writing‘ section’ of IELTS.

These 4 aspects need to be taken care of to achieve the maximum score in both the modules of IELTS; academic and general.

  • Constructive Preparation
  • Functional Planning
  • Suitable Style
  • Suitable Tone

Lastly you should note that after going through each and every step. Your end result adheres to the described structure and format of IELTS. All the efforts go in vain, if it takes a second look to judge whether your letter actually looks like one, the same goes for your report too.

Now let’s go through each step.

Firstly Preparation:

Prepare as much as you can. You need to give your full attention to the questions asked in the IELTS Writing. Try to focus on what you are going to write about and in which manner. Does the question demand Formal treatment or an Informal one? Another factor that you should not forget is the tone. Is your tone going to be factual or protesting in nature?

Jump to the next step after you have gained clarity on the points discussed before.

Produce and note your ideas:

Make notes of the various ideas that come in your mind on the question paper instead of answer sheet. The ideas shouldn’t be unconnected but relevant to the question.

Organize your ideas and plan an essay:

Choose one idea that seems the best out of the various ideas you had made a note of. This way your writing will achieve a point of focus and thus a coherent structure.

Time management must be adhered to. In task 1 you are given 20 minutes to write, so you mustn’t spend more than 5 minutes in the first step of preparation.

Task 2 allows a greater time limit of 40 minutes and thus it is suggested that candidates shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes in preparing.

Secondly Drafting:

Make the first draft of your write up based on the ideas you have listed above.Your writing should be readable. The average amount of time that the candidates should spend on this stage is 10 minutes for the first task and 20 minutes for the second writing task.

Now it’s time to move on to the final step i.e Revising.

The difference between an average and a good writer is the efforts they have put into revision of their write-up. Make sure that your write up has a logical continuity, answers all the questions that have been asked and doesn’t have any grammatical errors.

This revision lets you have a second look at your writing and fill in the missing spaces, if there are any. For writing task 1 you should keep aside a limit of 5 minutes. For IELTS writing task 2, 10 minutes is sufficient.

Most of the students put their thoughts on the paper in a haphazard manner. The task of writing however is a process that demands appropriate discipline and planning.

Lastly, keep in mind the word limit for both the tasks which is 150 words and 250 words for writing task 1 and task 2 respectively.

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