8 step writing Practice for TOEFL

Practice Writing for TOEFL in 8 Wise Steps

Writing is the most interesting part of the TOEFL exam. The way you convey your ideas to describe your skills. The skills you use in writing are used even after you get the scores.

Becoming a good writer requires a lot of practice and keenness. However, just constant writing won’t assure the writing improvements.

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So, given are the 8 wise steps that’ll help you improve your writing skills:

1. Read before you write

To write better, first, you need to read. You should read short paragraphs, articles, stories etc to get a better understanding of the ways in which you can present your ideas.

-The more you read, the better ideas you develop for your writing.

-While reading, pay special attention to the sentence formations, vocabulary and grammatical features.

-Observe and analyse the English language.

-Always make notes while reading. These notes can include the main idea, the incident, etc.

-It is even better if you find reading material with follow-up questions. By answering the questions you will know how better you understand.

2. Summarize

Learning how to summarize the content is the most important writing practice. Summarizing is discerning the most important ideas in a text, ignoring the irrelevant information and integrating the central ideas in a meaningful way.

In TOEFL writing, summarizing will prove to be very helpful in the integrated task, so you need to practice it well.

3. Choose Potential Topics

Once you have an idea about writing, you need to start doing it. Start writing small passages on topics that you are interested in and skip the topics you don’t like. Choose topics from your daily life activities, current issues etc.

When the topic is decided, start gathering ideas on it. It would be more helpful if you debate the topic. Debating gives you ideas from different aspects of the topics. Use different sources for more and more ideas. Also, try to find a better vocabulary.

4. Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming is another important aspect. While practising writing, spend at least 5 min brainstorming ideas for your topic.

You can break the topic into levels to generate more ideas. Make notes and bullet all the ideas on a rough paper. You can also try answering the following six commands:

-Describe it.

-Compare it.

-Associate it.

-Analyse it.

-Apply it.

-Argue for or against it.

5. Create a Framework

An outline will help you to categorize your main points and to organize the paragraphs in a logical and impressive way. An outline will take 7-9 min and will prevent you from getting stuck while writing. It will help you stay focused and write faster.

The outline should contain 3 crucial parts:


-Body ( Your ideas and supporting shreds of evidence to the ideas)


6. Start Writing

Once you are done with the outline, you may start writing your essay. With the help of the outline, writing won’t be very difficult. You just need to follow the format carefully.

In the beginning, adding a quote or an idiot would be very impressive. So, going through a bunch of idioms and quotes would be helpful. In the ending of the introduction, you must present your thesis statement.

The body can be divided so that your every idea can make a separate paragraph and hence can be explained better with supporting evidence.

In conclusion, end your essay with a summary of your ideas and thesis.

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7. Analyse your Writing

When done with the writing part, don’t forget to review and analyse your essay. Reviewing your essay will help you find silly errors that you may have done while writing. This editing part is also very important.

While editing, try to edit the repeating words and use different vocabulary. You can refer to the dictionary for synonyms of the same word. This will also help you enhance your vocabulary and make your essay impressive.

During your TOEFL exam, you will not get a chance to refer to any dictionary or use thesaurus, so you need to do a better practice and be fluent with the synonyms of most used words.

8. Get your work checked

Even after you edit your essay, you can’t be sure that you did your work accurately. Therefore, you need to get it checked and corrected from a professional. For that, you can either ask your teacher or take help from an expert online.

Getting your essay checked is important because you might skip some tiny errors like grammatical mistakes or the mistakes in sentence formation etc. The professional will have a better eye for such small mistakes and will explain and correct it.

Once the essay has been corrected, you must write it again with the correction and take notes of your mistake for future reference. This will help you get better.

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