One Week Study Schedule to Crack Your IELTS

*International English Language Testing System can be a herculean task for someone where as for others it can be as simple as cracking a joke. The difference comes as a result of a number of factors like the medium of instruction followed by a candidate till the time he appears for IELTS, his or her band requirement; hold on English language and ability to learn new things. Whatever our level might be, going through the exam pattern and practising it at least twice is always recommended by the experts. In situation of time constraint, one might has to cover a number of topics on a very less time. Let’s try to understand how that can be done.

If you are planning to prepare for IELTS in less time, it is important to understand how much preparation is required i.e. are you a regular English speaker or is it going to be your first acquaintance with English language. Depending upon, you can divide your week. Let’s take the case separately- one for a good user and other for an average user of English language.

For Average User:

-As the sort of preparation required in this case is more, the candidate needs to devote full week only to preparation and should keep other tasks aside. The first day should start by devoting few hours to understand exam pattern. The preparation should start with reading section as it requires more practice. After a gap of 3 hours, the candidate should solve a reading module and analyze his or her performance. The three hours in between should be spent on listening and speaking. Listening and Speaking takes one hour. So, the first day goes with a good preparation of three modules. If the reading score continuously improves over the first day, the second day should be devoted to writing. Both the tasks should be written thrice on the second day and get duly checked. The remaining time should be given to either listening or speaking depending upon the weakness found on first day. The third day should be completely devoted to writing and reading section and the fourth day to listening and speaking. The candidate should be flexible with the time table and shuffle modules as per the requirement of preparation. Last two days should go light (especially the last day) in order to keep mind stress free and away from examination phobia (in some cases). All the modules should be given time on second last day and last day should be spent only by reading essays of writing section and listening to sample speaking test videos. The night should be spent by taking proper sleep which prepares you for the next day.

For Good User:

-As an expert user, you need not devote much time to your preparation. Expert users can easily crack listening and speaking part of the exam. They need some practice when it comes to managing time during writing and reading section. Therefore, it is important to divide the week in such a way that reading and writing are given more time i.e. 3 days as compared to listening and speaking i.e. 2 days. The last day should be spent by giving a mock test only followed by a proper sleep to rock in the exam next day.

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