Is MBA Good For You?

The most trusted and popular degree for every parent who wants to see his child progressing and earning in probably six figures is a degree in MBA. Therefore, the rat race for this PG course is much like the UG course of B.Tech. Pursuing MBA isn’t such a smooth ride after all. While most of the students are in the relaxation phase of their life when they  are in their graduating school, planning to get a get a degree in MBA requires ardent preparation at least an year before appearing for the entrance exams of different colleges which means preparing for the entrances right from the time you start your graduation.

Preparation in terms of learning and acquiring skills comes next to the preparation of your mind. MBA is a lot different than what you have been studying for your graduation. The arena of work changes from being theoretical to being industrially practical. It is a lot more competitive course not only due to the number of students pursuing it, but also because there is no chance of ambiguity in it.

Ambiguity is a matter of concern also when you sit for the entrance interviews. Interviews are all about assessing you on your clarity of thoughts and getting an insight about your future plans. Now having a firm well-structured future plan is obviously a rarity for most of you who have just graduated. The key feature that exists here is how you are able to express yourself and your assets in a way that it satisfies their business oriented minds and they are compelled to offer you admission.

This confidence can only arise if you are opting for this course in your interest and not just to earn more. Of course getting higher salaries is one undeterred perk but surviving in the environment where you must have your unique and practical business sense is another must have for an MBA aspirant. It is going to be no more about just attending classes and scoring well in your exams although these two factors are also very important but they aren’t just the only requirements to help you sustain. The horizon of your decision making, analyzing technical problems, giving a business outlook to your approaches is also going to help you to scale up in the ladder.

Networking one of the most important qualities a business graduate must possess. Business schools can provide an instant pedigree and defining approach. It begins from your very classroom, your classmates that are the storehouses of innovative and big ideas; the experience of the professors, who are not only guiding you, but have been a mentor to various other aspirants before you, counts. They can impart to you skills that are required for a well-defined strong networking in a business.

MBA is a great journey to uplift your status academically and professionally. It involves the risk of doing something different but it promises positive returns if you do it the right way. Many people enrol on this course to discover an entirely new career for them for example market people turn to finance department, ones who are in consultancy move towards banking, entrepreneurs choose to become consultants. Exposure to an environment of Leadership training, and cost efficient management opens new doors for the budding Business Developers. Business schools focus on the comprehension and fulfilment of the experiential learning. They combine the academic concepts with real world solutions.

So the first question that you need to ask yourself if you are planning to get a degree in MBA is are you really inclined towards being in the business world? Will you be able to survive in the corporate world? As this fast pacing world stops for none and one has to race against time to create a niche for them, taking risks is an important credential of being a business person and by risks I don’t mean just the monetary ones but also sometimes that can hamper the status of you and your firm.

MBA will definitely give a boost to your resume and there would be companies wanting to hire you but what is more important than being hired is progressing positively in whatever company you are working with and maintaining the innovation and zeal towards taking risks and building something new.

MBA Degree programs generally need the aspirants to prepare for various aptitude tests like CAT, MAT, GMAT, NMAT, IBSAT, and others. Of all these management tests, GMAT is one that is accepted by over 6000 management programs across the globe and offers the chance to bag the maximum scholarships.

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