Master the IELTS Speaking Cue Card Question with these 7 Tips

The Cue Card Question is the second part of the IELTS Speaking section. In this question, you are given exactly 1 minute to prepare yourself to talk about a particular topic. You have to speak for 2 minute.

Some people find the cue card part to be very difficult. Well, it doesn’t have to be. With appropriate techniques for the IELTS exam preparation, you can master this cue card part of the IELTS speaking section. Given are some tips that will help you prepare for the IELTS speaking cue card question.

1. Practice making notes

The one minute you get for your preparation is the very crucial time. You need to learn how to use this time efficiently. In this time, the most important thing to do if to write down all the important keywords that pops up in your mind when you read the question.

The notes that you make will help you while you are speaking.

2. Practice speaking for 3-4 minutes

Although in the cue card question you have to speak for 2 min, it would be better and more helpful if you practice speaking for 3-4 min on random topics with a stopwatch.

Record what you speak and then listen to it. When you will do this, you will find your mistakes and then you can correct those later. When you practice speaking for 3-4 minutes, speaking for 2 minutes during the exam will be very easy for you.

3. Speak to the mirror

In the IELTS speaking exam, you have to speak in front of an individual. Due to this, your body language matters a lot. You need to be very confident and should not hesitate at all.

When you practice speaking in front of the mirror, you can see your own performance. You will get over the hesitation and will speak much better and fluently.

4. Search for recent cue cards.

You should once go through all the recent cue cards, to get an idea of the kind of topics that are asked. This can prove to be very helpful. When you practice the previous questions, you can search for related vocabulary and learn them.

Practicing previous questions will give you confidence and you’ll be able to perform better.

5. Avoid Pausing

Pausing can be a major negative point in the IELTS speaking section. It gives an impression that you are not confident enough. Pausing leaves the words hanging in the middle.

Therefore, you need to do the IELTS exam preparation in such a way that you do not pause while speaking. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to say, you must refer to the notes that you may have prepared during the 1 minute preparation time.

6. Avoid using short sentences.

Speaking on the same topic for 2 minutes is not as easy as it seems. Most of the time, you don’t get ideas what to speak about when you are speaking. Therefore, you should avoid using short sentences and start elaborating everything.

You can also use different phrases, quotes or idioms to make your speaking more interesting for the listener.

7. Build your Confidence

Having confidence is very important. During the IELTS speaking test, when you have to speak in front of the examiner, you may feel certain emotions or anxieties that can lower your confidence level and hence make you nervous.

You need to train yourself in such a way that the presence of any individual does not hinder your performance. Before you start speaking, take a deep breath and calm yourself. It will help you build your confidence.

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