Last Minute Reminders to Help You in Your SSC Exam!


Admit cards for SSC CGL(Combined graduate level) have been released and as the days are inching closer, students find themselves leaving no stone unturned to leave any part of the syllabus untouched. However, there are several other concerns apart from Syllabus that you must have in order to perform well.




Here are some last minute reminders that you’ll need for your smooth performance.


  1. Change:

    No change has been made in the syllabus. The areas in which you have to prepare are still the same.


  1. Computer-based test:

    The test is no more taken on paper but on a computer screen. Hence it is very important for you to acquaint yourself with the basic functioning of a computer so that on the day of the exam your focus shouldn’t change from solving answers to problems in handling the computer or navigating through different answers.


  1. Time Management:

    Reading questions from a computer takes more time than reading from a paper. Hence managing our time has become all the more crucial.


  1. Negative marking is done in the Tier-1 exam as well as paper 1 of tier-II. Be careful that the questions you are answering are free of any errors and even if you are guessing then don’t go for random guesses. Only guess when you have some knowledge of the question and have an idea about the most probable answers.Calculated risks are preferred than High risks. When  you spend too much time on one question in guessing the right answer it decreases the time that you’d be spending on other questions.


  1. In Tier-III you will be faced with questions of writing. Thus it is well advisable that you start improving your written expression to score well in the descriptive paper.


  1. The questions in your essay are often related to the current issues. Make it a point to read newspapers, and tap various sources of news be it digital, print or Television so that you are aware of the important things happening not only in India but in various parts of the world.


  1.  Just because the Tier-I exam is computer-based it doesn’t mean that you can compromise your handwriting. Tier-III paper is paper based. A clear, legible handwriting is very important in any descriptive paper. It is the first rule that has been taught to the students from the First day of the school and more often than not, it is compromised upon. Your handwriting makes the first impression on the teacher hence it must be clearly written without any scope of misinterpretation.


  1. Speed is another important factor. To increase your speed take at least 3 mock tests and assess yourself. This helps you know the areas in which you are consuming more time and improve upon it so that on the day of the test, you don’t spend an extra minute on the particular question/section.


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