IELTS Writing Tips for Academic Exam

-IELTS Writing, for both academic and general module are different in respect of Task 1 whereas Task 2 remains same. This article deals with a few tips which would be helpful for the candidates appearing for academic exam as it talks about Writing Task 1 which includes interpretation of data and Task 2, i.e. the essay.

For writing task in IELTS, we should have a keen eye for the facts and figures because both the tasks actually need facts and figures. Let’s deal both of the tasks separately:

Writing Task 1:

Writing Task 1 involves interpretation of data which is given in the form of a bar graph, a flow chart, histogram, pie chart or a diagram signifying some information which is to be put into words. The candidate is required to understand the data, get the most important facts out of it and put it in words. The format for answering this question involves introducing the topic, giving its analysis in two body paragraphs which should be related to the trend of the data, e.g. if it deals with the population of a country, then is it increasing or decreasing over the given period of time or what is the other trend being talked about and finally concluding it. The conclusion should be a summary of the points written before and should not include any new point.

The word limit for Writing Task 1 remains 150 words. The candidate can go up to 170-175 words but not beyond that because time does not allow. In order to score well in the writing task 1, the introducing paragraph should directly talks about what is represented by the given figure. The body paragraphs should include the important data included in the given figure and represent the same using good sentence structure. Connectors, good vocabulary, accurate grammar play a major role here and can add or deduct one band from your score. List of connectors should be on our finger tips as they are used maximum in IELTS Task 1. For concluding paragraph, just 2-3 lines should sum up what have you understood from the given data.

Writing Task 2:

Writing Task 2 involves talking about one’s opinion on a given topic. The question involves expressing one’s thought pertaining to a generic topic of discussion. The asked question usually have two opinions and the candidate is supposed to choose one viewpoint and talk about that. The format for answering involves introducing the topic and telling your viewpoint there. The body paragraphs should be filled with supporting arguments and examples related to the topic. Using good sentence structure, expressing opinion with different sentence formations, high level vocabulary, efficient use of connectors, giving examples based upon logic is what makes writing task 2 good. The last para should be the conclusion summarizing all the points discussed in the body paragraph. The word limit remains 250 in case of writing task 2 and candidates can go till 275 in their answer.

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