ielts vs toefl


ielts vs toefl

IELTS and TOEFL are two distinct types of standardized (scores remain consistent throughout the world) English Proficiency Tests organized by different organizations in order to assess a non- native speaker in English Language and later grant him the required Foreign Country Visa. The four sections of them being same as READING, WRITING, LISTENING, AND SPEAKING makes most of the people form an opinion that they are a substitute for another but in reality, the case is completely different. Here are some differentiated pointers that would help you in better understanding:


IELTS– 2 hours 45 minutes

TOEFL– 4 hours


IELTS- BAND SCORE (1-9 bands).

TOEFL- 0 to 120 score


IELTS- Academic as well as immigration purposes. Two categories of test IELTS General Training Module and IELTS Academic Module.

TOEFL- Academic Purpose for granting the applicant admission to Foreign Universities.


IELTSBritish CouncilIDP EducationCambridge English Language Assessment.



IELTS- 4 times a month. 48 times a year

TOEFL- more than 50 times a year. Restriction being can be taken only once in 12 day period.


IELTS- 4 sections with 10 questions in each section. The section comprises of conversations from daily life social situations, educational and training situations.

TOEFL– Questions on six passages. Two based on student communications four based on academic lectures or discussions.


IELTS- Face to face interview

Introduction and interview, Task Card is given to the candidate, and he is encouraged to speak on the topic for 2-3 minutes after which discussion is initiated between interviewer and candidate wherein he asks the applicant 2-3 questions related to the topic.

TOEFL- Two Independent Tasks and Four Integrated Tasks

Test takers ask candidate opinion questions and judge them by their choice of words and coherence of ideas.


IELTS- involves describing a graph, table, chart or diagram. Presenting a solution to a problem (IELTS ACADEMIC). Writing a letter and an essay on the topic of General interest. (IELTS GENERAL)

TOEFL- Reading passage on a topic discussing it and then writing a summary on it.


IELTS-There will be a variety of question types based on a reading of two passages such as multiple-choice, short-answer questions, identifying information, identifying writer’s views, labeling diagrams, completing a summary using words taken from the text and matching information/headings/features in the text/sentence endings. (IELTS ACADEMIC)

IELTS General Training contains two or three short texts or several shorter texts, which deal with everyday topics. For example, timetables or notices. It also contains two texts, which deal with work. For example, job descriptions, contracts, training materials, and one long text about a topic of general interest. The text is generally descriptive, longer, and more complex. The text will be taken from a newspaper, magazine, book, or online resource.

TOEFL- The Reading section consists of questions on 3-5 passages, approximately 700 words. The passages are on academic topics; they are the kind of passages one might get in a university textbook. Passages require an understanding of rhetorical functions such as cause-effect & compare-contrast. Candidates answer questions about main ideas, details, inferences, essential information, sentence insertion, vocabulary, rhetorical purpose and overall ideas.


IELTS-Most British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Universities and US Companies

TOEFL- Over 9000 Academic Institutions in 130 countries.

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