IELTS Test Day Do’s And Don’ts

*In order to perform well in any exam (not only IELTS), there are certain things which should be kept in mind so that the performance is not hampered. It is so because at times we might have prepared quite well but due to some unavoidable circumstances, we are not able to perform well in exam or vice versa. Every individual has his or her own way to appear for an exam but there are some recommendations which can be kept in mind by everybody.

Let’s see what you should do and what should you avoid on the day you are going to appear for IELTS:


-First of all, your day should start with a positive energy surrounding you. The very moment you get up in the morning, you should feel that you are going to perform well in the exam. The positive attitude will help you build confidence.

-If you think there is a lucky pen or lucky attire which brings good luck to you, do wear that. It will automatically give you a boost.

-Before leaving, check if you are carrying all the important documents like passport, your IELTS acknowledgement letter etc. To avoid last minute hurry, keep things to be carried along ready last night only.

-Start from your place at a time so that you reach one hour before the time written on your acknowledgement letter. This way you won’t be disturbed by the traffic jams.

-Being a standardised test, IELTS requires a lot of formalities pertaining to checking the identification of the candidate. The staff is present there to serve you. Therefore, listen and read to all the instructions being provided at the exam centre and act accordingly.

-While sitting for exam, check if your seat is comfortable. If otherwise, get it changed with the help of invigilator before you start writing your exam.

-Make sure you keep a track of time and finish your paper well before the last 5-10 minutes.


-Avoid indulging in an argument with anyone the morning you will appear for exam. This will unnecessarily spoil your mood and may hamper your performance.

– Don’t carry unnecessary things like a lot of eatables, a carry bag which brings additional responsibility. Carry a water bottle (in case you don’t wish to drink the one provided at the test centre) or a pack of biscuits to grab in order to keep yourself energetic.

-Don’t revise or read the day you are going to appear for the exam. The last minute preparation never adds to your score. It only gives you a reason to panic.

-While writing the exam, don’t spend a lot of time on one question. As the allotted time is such that you can only spend a set time on each question, never make this mistake. The extra time spent on one question might take so much of your time that you are not able to even go through rest of the questions asked afterwards.

-Avoid rubbing in writing task. Instead of it, have a series of ideas and then write. Repeated writing and rubbing not only gives an untidy look to your sheet but also confuses you.

-Never miss a question. As there isn’t any negative marking in IELTS, make sure you attempt all the questions in reading and listening section.

Last but not the least, stay positive and perform well. Your score will surely be the result of that.

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