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All About IELTS Pattern and Tips – Infographic

IELTS – International English Language Testing System is a mandate for admissions into reputed colleges in countries abroad and even for the applications for permanent residency or work visas. There are four modules that a students is tested on; namely, Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.

There are two type of test formats for IELTS:
1) Academic
2) General

The Academic module is primarily for students who apply for a study visa, while General Training is for candidates who apply for a PR or work visa.

The IELTS examination lasts for around 3 hours. 

  • Speaking test: 11-14 minutes (3 Parts)
  • Listening test: 40 minutes (4 Audios)
  • Writing: 60 minutes ( 2 Tasks)
  • Reading test: 60 minutes (3 – 5 Passages)

The expedient staff at New Cambridge College in Chandigarh train candidates to their maximum potential and help them to score their desired bands in IELTS.

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