Tips for Writing SOP for Canada Visa

How to Write a great SOP for Canada Visa

An SOP, whether it’s for Canada, or for any other university in another country, the core content is essentially everything about you, and also a little about them. Writing a good SOP is very important when you apply to Canada for your Study Visa. You must write a very impressive and expressive SOP.

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Given are a few tips that you must keep in mind while you write a good SOP.

How to Write the best SOP for Canada Visa
  • Write Stories not Statements

Though said to be a statement of purpose, you must write a story. Writing just statements will not be very effective, therefore, write a story. Not any other story, but your life story. Add your emotions and feelings that can be connected to.
Choose your content very carefully. Maintaining a good writing quality is important but what is more important to write in quantity. Both Quality and Quantity matters in your SOP. Add as many numbers as possible. This makes it look interesting and shows a better image of who you are.

  • Use Impressive Language

Your language must be very impressive. Write it in simple and easy-to-understand language. Make no grammar and punctuation errors. Using uncommon words to display your vocabulary skills might work against you. Anything that the officials find difficult to read and render is useless. The essay must be well structured, with short paragraphs.
Whether is a school activity, a research project, sports fest, field trip, social work or any other activity, whatever it is, add them to your story and make it sound more realistic, and beautiful.
Such numbers give a whole new image and perspective to the readers and make a really good and eye-catchy impression. The power of numbers is that it will add authenticity and authority to your story.

  • Specify it

Writing a story doesn’t mean you write anything. You must be very specific about what you write. Dig really deep into the details of whatever you write.
Don’t use any cheesy sentences. If you want to write that you love your field, explain why you do. Explain in detail why you want to take this career in life or why you want to make it a part of your life.
The question “why?” is most important to specify everything. Make sure you answer all the whys in your essay.

  • Make it Personal

The more personal you make it, the better.
There are a few personal details that you must add to your SOP that will help the admission committee to get a better idea of who you are. You must add that you are:

  • Very passionate about your career
  • Hardworking and keen to learn more
  • Prepared academically and personally for the upcoming challenges
  • Committed to maintaining a good score report
  • Obedient and friendly
  • Can work in a team and is open to new projects

These are some basic qualities that the admission officers look for in the candidates they select. Therefore, it is better if you add them.

  • Organize it perfectly

Your SOP must be perfectly organized. It leaves a really good impression and helps you cover all the important points that you must add in your SOP.
First, we’ll start with a basic outline of a standard SOP. It looks something like this.

  • Introduction
  • Academic History
  • Work Experience
  • Future Plans and Conclusion

For each section, plan on writing at least one paragraph. Your final SOP should be something like 4-6 paragraphs, roughly 800 words. In the next few sections, we’ll describe exactly what you should put in each section and give you some ideas about what to write

  • Re-read and edit

When you are done writing your SOP, re-read it. You may find some mistakes that you can correct. There might be some important points that you missed. You can edit and add more impressive points.
You can also go through amazing vocabulary and use it in your SOP to make more impacting.
You can also take help from any professional to get your SOP checked and edited. There are many Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh, who can help you write a beautiful SOP.
Ask your friends, family or professors their opinion about your essay. Edit it till you think it is perfect. Proofread it many times and make it flawless.

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