How to Practice for IELTS Writing in 15 Days

IELTS Writing is one of the tough topics out of four and generally needs more practice as compared to other modules. People who are regular writers and have a habit of reading regularly can find this part easy, for others, there is a 15 days schedule to practice for IELTS writing:

Let’s start day wise:

Day 1:

– The first day should be invested in understanding the exam pattern i.e. how should the questions be answered. Both Writing Task 1 and 2 have a specific way of answering. The candidate should be well versed with the pattern of answering. This is important so that one writes in the same way while practicing.

Day 2 & 3:

-The next two days should keep one busy reading examples of solved questions. Reading essays written for IELTS Writing Task 2 and the data interpretation & letter for Writing Task 1 helps one understand the flow of writing as well as an idea about the contents of the written piece. One can keep a day for Writing Task 1 and other for Writing Task 2. A good book should be consulted during this time as it will form the base of your writing style.

Day 4, 5 & 6:

-Now starts the writing practice after understanding the pattern and reading few sample answers. 4thand 6th day should be spent in practicing Writing Task 1 whereas 5thday should be given for Writing Task 2. It will add variety to writing and help you avoid boredom which might appear because of writing one task. Make sure you write on different topics and get all of them checked on 6th day to understand your preparation level and the week points which would require more of practice.

Day 7, 8 & 9:

-The next three days practice depends upon your performance of previous 3 days. You will get to know which task or which part of the task demands more practice. Divide your time so that there is balance between both the tasks and the week points are also worked upon. Write more during these three days and get your answers checked on day 9. Make sure you compare your performance based upon the checking done on 6th and 9th day.

Day 10 & 11:

-10th and 11th day should be spent in working on vocabulary and learning few good phrases and idioms which will ornament your piece of writing. Go through few online videos or a good book on IELTS vocabulary. Note down the words on a paper and learn them by heart in two days. In case you feel you might forget, try using these words more in your speech or practice writing them in sentences. Test yourself on 11th day for the words you remember.

Day 12:

-12th day should be given to grammar. Brushing up grammatical rules is really important so that it remains fresh by the time you appear for exam. Read a good book on grammar by taking breaks in between. Don’t make your practice boring by studying whole day.

Day 13 & 14:

-Appear for a Writing Mock test for two days. Make sure you stick to the time limit which should not be an issue by this time as you had already invested 6 days in writing regularly. Make sure the grammatical rules, idioms and phrases and high level vocabulary which you worked upon in last 3 days are used in a good day in your mock test.

Day 15:

-Analyze your performance in mock tests and once work on your week points. Don’t pressurize yourself on 15th day as you have practiced the best by now. Just read a light essay to be in touch with the topic.

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