How Do I Know That I’m Fully Prepared for the D-Day

*Preparation is a continuous process pertaining to a continuous effort put by someone in a particular activity. There is always a scope of improvement and hence, it is hard to access if one is fully prepared for something or not. Still, we can try to analyze our preparation in order to get a somewhat clear idea of expected performance.

In order to test your level of preparation, ask yourself following questions:

-Can I get a 38/40?

-In both Reading and Listening section, the candidate is required to answer 40 questions separately. Each question carries 1 mark and hence the maximum marks one can score (separately) in Reading and Listening section is 40. A continuous score above 38 for a time span of 1 week can be taken as a standard of good preparation. This can be an easy way to check ones preparation. Apart from this, one can access his or her performance in solving one particular type of questions by practising them regularly and checking the score.

-Regular feedback

-Another way of accessing one’s performance is getting a regular feedback on one’s writing and speaking skills. Make sure you do not rely on anyone’s feedback when it comes to IELTS. Let someone who has a deep knowledge of the exam and is aware of the marking criteria access your skills. Only he or she can give you an honest and unbiased feedback. Always get your answers marked as per the bands and analyze how much time you take in moving 1 band further.


-There is hardly anybody who can understand us better than our own selves. Therefore, we should regularly keep an account of our performance and check where we have improved. The level of satisfaction which one experiences after a month of preparation is undoubtedly unmatched. When we start using better vocabulary in our writing tasks, generating good ideas in our speaking practice, we automatically get a feeling of better performance. The sooner we get this feeling, the closer are we to be fully prepared for the D-day.

-Appearing for mock tests

-Mock tests are an easy and authentic way of assessing ones performance. Sitting in an environment like that of test has a huge impact on our performance. Many times, people who perform well during their preparation fail to perform good during the real test. Therefore, it is important to get acquainted with the environment before. The same can be done by appearing for mock tests at least 7-8 times before test.

-Get across different sorts of questions

-The number of questions you solve, the more you get an opportunity to check your preparation level. Solve reading comprehensions related to different subjects, answers as many speaking questions you can answer, write as many Data Interpretations tasks, letters or essays you can. There are chances that you might be able to write perform well in questions related to his or her field of study but not in others. Therefore, it is important to have an experience of as many topics of discussions as one can.

This is how you can know if you are fully prepared for the D-Day.

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