GMAT Preparation

GMAT Preparation

GMAT Preparation Tips

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission test) is an online test which analysis the Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical skills of the applicants for graduate management programs like MBA. GMAT has always been a top choice for the MBA aspirants. It is an exam which tests your skills on an international level. The duration of this test is about three and half hours. GMAT test must be cleared in order to pursue your MBA in a foreign country. Students are always in a dilemma about the questions of problem solving, analysis of data, critical reasoning etc. There are several other GMAT Preparation tips that must be kept in mind in order to score well.

GMAT Preparation

Do not mix up the study materials of GRE and GMAT at the time of your preparations. In a quest to gain more and more study material for regular practices students often compromise the quality of their knowledge, the study material should be evaluated and tested in terms of validity and reliability. Material should only be taken from a trusted source.

Understanding is better than just simple cramming. GMAT is not designed to check your rote learning skill instead it tests your comprehension in every aspect be it Mathematical formulas or English Vocabulary. It aims to make you a person with commendable comprehensive skills so that even if the exact meaning of some word is unknown to you it still doesn’t hampers your understanding of the passage.

The same goes for a mathematical formula or theorems. The correlation of variables is what a student should understand that would further help him develop the analytical skills to solve a complex or a simple question by not just learning the formulas but by understanding them. Haste Makes Waste and this holds so very true when it comes to solving the mathematical problems. A question with four to five steps can land you to an incorrect answer even if a single step gets wrong thus passing your all efforts into vain but then GMAT being a time restricted test requires speedy calculations therefore a fine balance should be maintained between maths problems and other sections.

Time makes you or breaks you. Very correctly said we often speed up towards the middle or the end of the test. However the correct way to do it is to time yourself according to the requirements of your test. If you are given a stipulated time for a particular section then make sure you are keeping aside the last five minutes for its revision too.

GMAT  basically comprises of three sections:

Analytical Writing Assessment Section – 60 minutes and 2 essays 30 minutes each. 8 minutes break (Optional)

Quantitative Section – 75 minutes and 37 questions 8 minutes break (Optional)

Verbal Section – 75 minutes and 41 questions

Test usually starts with medium level of difficulty but as the students start giving right answers the difficulty level raises. You get aware if you are not doing well as the level of difficulty starts to decrease.Scores of GMAT are valid upto 5 years.

As the exam approaches mapping out your preparations according to the sections of the exam is what a student can do for scoring best. Nowadays there are various facilities available in order to make you practice more and more without getting cumbersome load of preparations upon you, the online interactive test series is a user friendly method to enhance your knowledge. The students should be updated about the recent methods and changes in the test in order to ensure a good score. Equal efforts and time should be given to each section as this will enable you to know your  skills in a profound way so that later on you can focus on the sections where you lack in.

GMAT Preparation is all about practice and understanding and thereby evaluating your answer before choosing your final option. Keep in mind all these GMAT Preparation Tips to ace your exam. 

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