Find Your Motivation Back!

How many times have we gone from ‘I can do this’ to ‘I am not made for this’?

The zeal, Passion, and Confidence with which one individual starts a new endeavour or a new mode of Learning seems to falter or just starts to disappear in the middle of the Journey and people find themselves looking back for Reason for why they started at all.

Learning a new Language or rather mastering a Language takes a lot of patience and a person needs to be motivated to continue to make mistakes and Learn for a chance at excellence.

Today Learning English is not a choice but a Qualification that everybody needs to have if he/she wants to make a mark for himself/herself. The importance of English can’t be overemphasized but it is a Fact that if a person knows English well his/her chances of increase in Income goes up to 20% for English is a Language that caters to every market of every Kind.


So if you are one of those people who need a second nudge to find their confidence back, here are a few tricks that you can try to keep your Motivation Pumping.

1. Be Competitive: Competition keeps your Brain working to evolve new strategies and always be one step ahead of your Competitors.

Although it depends on external factors, one can internalize the belief of competing with oneself. This helps in not repeating the mistakes of the past and setting higher targets for each second time that you attempt.

However, it should be kept in mind that there is a Difference between criticizing self to the point of improvement and criticizing to the point that you drag yourself down.

2. Find a Reason with Practical Prospects: If One day you decided to learn Gymnastics there must be a reason for it that would help you practically. Try thinking about how you would benefit professionally, socially and individually if you become competent in the Language of English.

The reasons that you’d find would keep you going.

3.Set Far reaching Goals: You have to be cautious in this one. Setting goals that are hard to attain is essential for it keeps you excited and thus motivated.

Moreover, if you set a score of 80 to be achieved out of 100 you are going to reach 70 naturally.

4. Keep a Journal: The best source that keeps you motivated is a record of how far you have come. Keeping a Journal would help you realize the little things that you accomplished along the Journey and making reflections on your mistakes simultaneously.

English is a Language and if you need to achieve expertness in it, you need to be disciplined and observe the patterns of your behavior.

Keep Praising Yourself and Learn a Language for the Love of it.

When you start to Love the sounds and the words you automatically motivate yourself to work more and thus achieve more as well.

Punjab is a Land that continues to explore more cultures and tap avenues to maximize financial gains as well.

To be a Leader globally, one should be able to convey his/her message effectively.

People are enrolling themselves in English speaking Courses in Punjab to increase their skills.

English speaking Institute in Punjab is finding a lot of takers due to the global demand and valuing of the English Language.

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