Don’t let Anxiety and Apprehension Affect Your ACT Scores

More and more school Graduates are choosing to take ACT tests however according to the recent test results most of the test takers aren’t college ready. A good set of  ACT Scores are very crucial for admissions in undergraduate courses.

Even as the percentage of students who took the test in 2016 rose from 49% in 2012 to 64%, most of the students aren’t meeting the college readiness benchmarks.


The Benchmarks have fallen to a staggering 26% from 28% according to ACT(Administrator of the test). What is more worrisome is that the percentage of students who fail to achieve any of the benchmarks rose from 31% to 34%.

What exactly is a cause of the decline in the students’ performance and decline in the ACT scores? Among many factors that emerge, Anxiety is one of the main factors that brings down the performance of a student.

Here are some ways to make sure that your scores remain uninfluenced by the same.

  1. Your psychological state decides how well or bad you are going to perform on the test. You might haven’t prepared well or you might have had a bad score or test experience in the past. All of this contributes to your low score on the test. Even if you are answering questions not by your knowledge but random guesses it is better to have a thoughtful understanding of how you are going to manage answering all the questions within the given time. The best way to perform well is to control all your fears and concerns and make the best of the preparation that you have done.
  1. Stop procrastinating! Instead of trying to learn everything in the last minute make the most use of your time and start preparing in advance so that when the test day arrives you don’t feel short of preparation. Tap all the resources available. Make use of Sample test papers, tips about the test and other information as well. It is beneficial to enroll yourself at an ACT coaching center, but if you find yourself unable to do so visit your local Library to get your hands on the various material of resources.
  1. This might seem unimportant but visit the center of your test before the test day. You don’t want to get lost and thereby get late adding more burden to your already anxious state. It is important to know the place so that no time is lost.
  1. Breathing exercise: Breathe! This might be too simple an exercise to be deemed useful but it has been proven that it helps to reduce stress and ease up the muscles in your body. Just before the test, Set a minute aside for yourself. Breathe in, Pause for a second, then exhale and repeat it two more times. This exercise helps your brain to operate efficiently because of the rise in the flow of oxygen.

It is important to feel in charge of the situation. ACT coaching Institute in Chandigarh prepares the students for the same so that they walk into their tests feeling competent and knowledgeable. And walk out feeling confident of good test scores.

Enroll yourself in the best ACT coaching institute in Chandigarh. Achieve the best scores in your very first attempt and study in the college of your choice.

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