Does PTE have complex range of questions? Understand it here.

*Pearson Test of English or PTE is one of the English language tests taken by non-native English speakers across the world wishing to study abroad. It is a computer-based test and tests a candidate on four basic skills of English i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking as tested in all other language tests.

It is basically taken by students wishing to migrate to Australia but most of the universities and colleges in other countries also accept PTE score as a proof to submit one’s fluency in English language. The test is quite new and most of the students find it easy as compared to other tests.

Let’s understand the format of the exam:

The first part of the test includes introduction and there is no specific time scheduled for the same whereas the next part is a combined test of Speaking and Writing which continues for 77-93 minutes and consists of different questions which are:

-Personal Introduction

-Read Aloud

-Repeat Sentence

-Describe Image

-Re-tell Lecture

-Answer short questions

-Summarize written text

-Essay Writing

The test involves writing, reading and speaking together. Hence, the candidate is supposed to pay full attention in order to score good marks here.

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After this comes the second part of the test which is Reading and lasts for 32-41 minutes. The type pf questions asked during reading test are:

-Fill in the blanks

-Multiple choice questions

-Re-order paragraphs

-Fill in the blanks

-Multiple Choice questions

The questions will comprise of reading a passage and answering questions based upon that. It also includes fill in the blanks based upon understanding of the given passage which will have a gap. In few of the questions, there would be only one correct option whereas in others, two of the options can be correct.

The third part of the test tests candidate’s listening skills and continues for 45-57 minutes. It includes various questions under following headings:

-Summarize spoken test

-Multiple choice questions

-Fill in the blanks

-Highlight the correct summary

-Multiple choice questions

-Select missing word

-Highlight incorrect words

-Write from dictation

Consisting of mostly 2-3 items under each section, the listening part consists of listening to an audio in each category and based upon that listening, answering the asked questions. In few of the questions, the candidate needs to write down the spoken text in the audio and in other and in others, writing a missing word or summarizing a given text.

There is also an optional 10 minutes break between reading and listening part of the section. PTE is considered as that language test which makes an assessment of English in real life. Hence, there are recordings from generic lectures, graphs and charts of everyday use. Also, the accents included in the recording have both British and American accents which make the candidates answer as in real life situations.

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