Computer-delivered IELTS benefits

Computer Delivered IELTS – Things to Keep in Mind

Science, technology, and digitalization have left no subject under the sun untouched. From education to administration, from cinema to sports, everything is influenced by this, and IELTS is no different. The most renowned test to test an individual’s fluency in the language for the purpose of immigration or higher studies has been upgraded to meet standards of development. Under this enhancement, IELTS is now available in computer-delivered or also known as CD mode, called CD IELTS, and is all set to provide a better experience to the candidates as well as the stakeholders. With the same reliability and sense of security, the test brings significant benefits to the test takers.

With the same marking criterion, computer-delivered or CD IELTS requires the candidates to submit answers on a screen. All the aspects of the test, from timings to pattern to questions remain the same. Except for the 10 minutes, that are allotted after the listening test to transfer answers to the answer sheet. Candidates are given 2 minutes to check their answers after completion of the test. Also, there is no change in the speaking test; it is the same as the one on one interview with the examiner.

The primary benefit of this test is for the candidates who are more accustomed to typing. A decent typing speed with a prior introduction to the operating system helps the candidate in computer-delivered IELTS.

Let’s understand the benefits and few important things to consider for computer-delivered IELTS:


It is beneficial for candidates who are confident in their typing skills. Slots are readily available, and bad handwriting, which might cost few marks to the candidates is no longer an issue. Additionally, the best part of the test is a quick result delivery. One can get the result in 5-7 days.

Things to consider before choosing computer-delivered or CD IELTS:

Computer-delivered IELTS, is not for those who are not good with typing. As it would never be a wise decision on their part to take this test. Secondly, screens get locked automatically due to which candidates are not able to make any last-minute changes if they wanted.  

IELTS, either computer-based or paper-based, remains the recognized test for testing the proficiency of people around the world in English. The computer-based IELTS comes with several benefits, but one should make a decision wisely. One should consider their ability to attempt.

New Cambridge College, has already been benefitting the students from all over north India. They have now started providing training for computer-based IELTS. Give yourself a try and apt for a more advanced test this time.

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