Procedure about SAAT preparation and coaching

Complete Procedure About SAT Exam Preparation

SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is one of the recognized tests conducted for admission in various universities and colleges after completion of high schools. Various institutes in the Unites States of America and other countries use the SAT score to grant admission to students in respective organizations. In order to fulfill their dream of studying in a more culturally organized environment, offering more to learn and explore, various students in different countries sit for the exam every year.

Skills in question:

SAT tests the basic skills of a high school student which includes math, reading and writing. To learn better and adapt in a more fruitful way abroad, these skills are highly important for any 11th or 12th grade student. The reading section includes thorough reading of passages and based upon that, answering questions which are usually in sentence completion form. In the writing section, the candidate is expected to write an essay and answer few questions around grammatical accuracy. Mathematics test, on the other hand, involves questions related to basic mathematical concepts like algebra, probability, geometry etc.

Pattern of exam & Scoring:

A 3 hour (with optional 50 minutes) long SAT exam consists of following sections:

Mathematics, Reading and Writing are tested with an optional essay question. Let’s analyze all the sections separately:

Mathematics– This section includes a total of 57 questions and candidates are allowed to use the calculator for 37 questions. Questions revolve around problem solving, data analysis & algebra and scores range from 200-800. Time allotted for this section is 80 minutes.

Reading- In a time span of 65 minutes, candidates have to attempt 52 multiple choice questions based on reading of short or long passages and sentence completion. The score range remains 200-800, combined with writing section.

Writing-Writing section tests a candidate’s hold on identifying errors and proper usage of grammar. A total of 44 questions are asked which are required to be attempted in 35 minutes. The score range remains 200-800 as well, combined with the reading section.

Last question is a 50 minute long optional essay which is not scored but requires the candidate to analyze evidence and evaluate the given argument.

Therefore, in total, there are 152 questions scored out of 1600.

General know-how of SAT:

SATs are conducted 7 times in a year in the months – March, May, June, August, October, November and December.The dates and other guidelines are well written on the College Board website which is easily accessible. It is noticed that majority of students appear for SAT twice in order to improve their score which actually happens. But, it should be avoided. Students should be equally concerned about their application and other requirements of the college because they also play an important role in granting admission.

SAT Coaching is not quite popular but gaining pace gradually. A number of coaching institutes have recently added SAT Exam Preparation in their course structure. SAT Coaching Chandigarh is also provided by a few of institutes and New Cambridge College is one among them. SAT classes are conducted on a regular basis and experienced faculty has guided a number of students already. Come and give us an opportunity to serve you better.

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