6 Ways to Speaking English Fluently

Build up English Speaking Fluency in 6 Facile Ways

Speaking English like a native speaker is not really easy. No matter how much you read and practice English, you cannot change your accent unless you have lived long enough in some other country. But what you can change is your fluency.

You can develop your skills to be very fluent in English with some simple methods and practice. There are many Spoken English coaching Centers in Chandigarh, who help you get to your goal at improving fluency.

6 Ways to Build up English Speaking Fluency

Given are some simple, yet effective ways with which you can improve your English speaking fluency and speak almost as good as a native speaker.

1. Dive into deep ends

Some people might find English to be a weird language. Well, weird or not, accept it as you find it. While speaking, sometimes grammar makes sense and other times it doesn’t. Also there are various words with same pronunciation but different meaning and spelling. These words can trick you. So, yes, English is a weird and tricky language and to master it, all you need to do is dig deeper and deeper till you reach your satisfaction level.

Studying for few hours once a week is not really a great way to do it. Not only for English, for any language, if you want to master it, make it a part of your routine. Practice it daily. You do not have to spend hours, a few minutes on daily basis can be sufficient.

2. Fake it till you make it

You don’t have to act like you are still studying the language, act like an expert. The right attitude is what makes a great difference between failure and success. If you carry an attitude of an expert in English speaking (even if you are not) you will build a great amount of confidence and it will help you get better.

To get better, you not only need to read or speak in English, but also to think in English. Most of the time when you think of something, your thoughts appear in your native language and then you translate it into English. Prepare yourself in such a way that you think in English. That should be your first language preference.

3. Listen more

Listening to a language can help you get a better understanding of the language and to develop your fluency. You can listen to sentences and then repeat them by trying to speak in the way it was said by a native English speaker.

You can listen to the language daily by just making small changes in your daily activities. Try watching television in English. Whatever program you prefer, listen it in English. Whether it is movies, news or music, listening in English helps. You can use subtitles in case you do not understand what is being said.

4. Use it or lose it

You need to be very consistent with your language practice. Languages are not easy to master. Another key to Mastering English is to use it regularly. Don’t just learn it then leave. Make speaking in English a part of your life. The more you speak, the better you get.

Also, learn from the opportunities around you. Whenever you get a chance to learn something new, never skip it. It can from either a wording written on a poster of any sidewalk or from a particular page in your textbook. You can also take help from your teachers. The Spoken English Coaching centers in Chandigarh have very well trained teachers who can help you with your skills.

5. Phrases make positive impressions

Learning some phrases can be like a bonus. If can learn some impressive phrases that are very common and can be used in your normal conversations, it is for your own good. Phrases help you to express a lot in a few words. This is a tactful way of using English and therefore, it definitely leaves a good impression.

You can either refer to some book or search online for most commonly used phrases and memorize them. Then use them while you speak. You will find a confidence in yourself once you start using the phrases.

6. Don’t dig deep on grammar

You don’t really have to go very deep into the English grammar when you speak. In fact, using appropriate grammar doesn’t matter at all. Most of the Native English speakers do not use appropriate grammar and do not follow all the grammar rules while speaking.

Grammar rules are more important in writing but when it comes to speaking, it makes your sentences very long and boring, and thus it is not to use them. It does not mean you should ignore it, it simply means that you do not need to go very deep into the grammar while speaking. These English speaking fluency tips would help you in shaping your personality and will give you confidence.

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