Latest updates to TOFEL IBT

“BETTER TEST EXPERIENCE”- Latest Updates to TOEFL iBT You Must Know

The TOEFL® test has been helping students achieve their dreams of university study for more than 50 years. Since its launch in 2005, the TOEFL iBT® version of the test has been the premier 4-skills test of English proficiency. In the pursuit to give test takers and score users the best experience, we are happy to introduce phase I of ‘Better Test Experience’ which is an effort to improve the TOEFL iBT® without sacrificing test quality or validity.

Beginning August 1, 2019, all TOEFL iBT® test takers will benefit from enhancements to the test format and score reporting, and easier registration.

The Better Test Experience

Better Test Experience are the changes to TOEFL iBT® that support students’ pursuit of higher education. It is an endeavour to provide students and institutions better TOEFL iBT® experience with respect to the registrations, test time and score report. Phase I of Better Test Experience includes:

1.  MyBest™ Scores (also known as “superscores”) – Shows the best performance of a test taker

2.  Shorter Test – Less testing time; same high-quality results

3.  Easier Registration – Upgraded registration website to improve user experience


1. MyBest™ Scores or superscores.

A majority of students take the TOEFL test more than once to get better scores in the sections that they might lack according to the requirements of the university they try to get into. Also, the university prefers the maximum scores obtained by the student in all the sections rather than going through all the scores of each attempt.

Therefore, a recent update has been made where the students can show their best overall test performance to institutions making important admissions decisions.

This latest inclusion in Phase I are:Combination of best scores for each section from all valid TOEFL iBT scores from the previous two years.

Score reports will include both MyBest scores and the traditional scores from the selected test dates.

This feature includes all score reports sent after August 1, regardless of the Admission test date.

Benefits of MyBest™ Scores:

-MyBest scores are another view of the test taker’s abilities: the highest level of proficiency over two years, rather than on a single test date.

-MyBest scores can be used alone, or in conjunction with single test date scores.

-It widens the pool of qualified applicants as more students can meet an institution’s score requirements when they show their best performance across all of their TOEFL iBT® tests.

-Using MyBest scores is easy as there is no need to change score requirements.

 -The TOEFL iBT score scale (0-30 for each section; 0-120 total) does not change.

2. Shorter Test

Previously, the TOEFL IBT test took about 4 hours to complete. At minimum, the TOEFL IBT lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes. At maximum, it took 4 hours and 20 minutes. The length varied because the Reading section could take from 60 to 100 minutes, and the Listening section varied from 60 to 90 minutes.

TOEFL is the test to evaluate the English proficiency of the individual. It is not necessary to take too long. Although, English proficiency can also be checked with a fewer number of questions, there were a lot of questions in the reading, listening and speaking sections that made this test too lengthy.

To improve this, the latest inclusion in Phase I are:

-TOEFL iBT® Testing time reduced by 30 minutes, to three hours

-Same overall test format and question types

-The Reading, Listening and Speaking sections include fewer questions

-No change to the score scale


-The shorter duration of the test maximizes measurement efficiency without sacrificing quality

-This shall be applicable for all tests being taken after August 1, 2019.

3. Easier Registration

Earlier, the registration for TOEFL iBT was not accessible on the Apple or Android devices. This made registration for the Test difficult for some applicants who had to take help from others for this purpose.

Also, location the test centre could be challenging for some people. This could put the individuals in the troubles of being late.

To round out the improved test-taking experience, ETS developed a new registration and account management system. As a result, test takers will see greater functionality, a streamlined registration experience, easy access to test prep and more.

Upgraded registration website which saves time as:

-It is accessible on all Apple® and Android™ devices

-Test centre search which is powered by Google Maps™

-Easy access to official test prep

-Updated design for better user experience


-You can now register for the Test anywhere, anytime very easily

-Finding the test centre is not a problem. You can get an idea of the distance, directions and approximate time it takes to reach the test centre.

-You can prepare better with the availability of official test prep guides

-Easier registration means more quality applicants demonstrating their academic English skills with the TOEFL® test.

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