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The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is one of the recognized tests for admission to graduate business programs like MBA, all over the world. It is a computer based and computer adaptive test in multiple-choice format. Every year, a number of business school aspirants apply for the exam which is looked at by the assessing authorities along with their work experience, supporting documents/ materials and the academic record.

What does GMAT test?

-In simple words, GMAT is the test of how efficiently you apply logic to something. If we talk about the syllabus, the questions asked revolve around concepts like data analysis, grammar and mathematics (algebra, arithmetic, geometry etc.). More precisely, it is an analysis of one’s efficiency to evaluate the written part, think critically and solve the problems. A good aspirant would be the one who can analyze the task properly with a logical reason to it, which is a basic requirement to be a part of any business school.  

Sections of the test

GMAT exam preparation includes preparing for all the four sections of the test which are written below:



-Integrated Reasoning

-Analytical Writing Assessment

The test takers give you a chance to decide your order of sections to attempt yourself. Let’s talk a bit about all the four sections separately:

Analytical Writing Assessment:

This section includes writing an essay through which the examiner analyzes your writing skills. It includes a brief argument in accordance with a paragraph given in the critical reasoning part of verbal section. The candidate needs to criticize the argument presented by the author and analyze how sound it is. This test checks if the candidate is able to identify and make analysis of the argument, if he develops ideas logically and maintenance coherence in his written piece.

Integrated Reasoning:

It consists of questions related to table analysis, interpretation of graphs and reasoning questions. In total, there are 12 questions with multiple sub questions to be solved in durationof 30 minutes.


Quantitative section of the test checks the candidate’s efficiency in solving data sufficiency and problem solving questions. There are 31 questions in total with 14-15 from Data Sufficiency and 16-19 problem solving. In Data Sufficiency, there is a question with two statements. The candidate needs to check if the statements have sufficient data in order to answer the question. The problem solving will have a question and five possible answer choices. It includes high school level algebra and geometry.


The verbal section tests the command of a candidate on written English. Under this, candidate has to analyze the arguments and read critically. It includes reading comprehension, sentence correction and critical reasoning. It consists of 36 multiple choice questions (Reading Comprehension-12, Critical Reasoning-10, Sentence Correction-14) to be attempted in 65 minutes.

There are online GMAT courses as well and many candidates have been taking that up in order to save their time. Serving the students, many institutes have started providing coaching online. When it comes to GMAT online coaching, it might save a candidate’s time but a lot of other factors are compromised. The teachers are not able to analyze the student’s performance. Moreover, it becomes hard for the teacher to clear the doubts which arise during sessions. Hence, it is recommended to join classroom sessions for GMAT coaching. New Cambridge College provides coaching for the same and has been helping students achieve their desired score.

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