All about GMAT

All about GMAT – Under One Roof


All about GMAT – Under One Roof

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission test) is a computer based standardized test that is used to analyze the Quantative, verbal and analytical skills of the students for graduate management programs like MBA. Although, this test does not measure intelligence of students but it does assesses program solving as well as analytical skills of the students as these skills are necessary for achieving big heights in the business and management world. GMAT has always been a top choice for the MBA aspirants and that is why it has standardized test centres in 112 countries around the world. As GMAT is a test of international level, so studying for this test is important and this test usually lasts for three and half hours.


Preparation strategy



Preparing for GMAT exam is not a piece of cake and cramming every answer does not help either. The key to pass this test is dedication and lots and lots of practice. Students might have to face a certain penalty, if they fail to complete any section of the exam. Getting familiar with the type of questions that could be asked in the exam will definitely make cracking the test a lot easier. So, it is important to practice sample papers and taking practice exams because if a student misses out any part of any question, the whole question is considered incorrect.

Frequently asked Questions:


  • What are the sections covered under GMAT test?

GMAT test consists of three sections.

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment Section – 60 minutes and 2 essays 30 minutes each. 8 minute break (Optional)
  1. Quantitative Section – 75 minutes and 37 questions 8 minute break (Optional)
  1. Verbal Section – 75 minutes and 41 questions
  • How does GMAT test works?

Test usually starts with medium level of difficulty but as the students start giving right answers the difficulty level raises. You will know you are not doing well, if the difficulty level starts to decrease.

  • How to schedule a test appointment?

One has to get registered with any one of the authorized GMAT test centers to be able to    schedule an appointment.

  • For how long are the GMAT scores valid?

    Scores of GMAT are valid upto 5 years.

  • How to forward GMAT scores to the schools?

Students get a chance to enter 5 school preferences and to them (before or after the actual test), their test scores will automatically be forwarded to.

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