Aim For The Best Universities with GMAT

There’s a popular quote that says aim for the sky and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars. Why don’t we apply the same philosophy for the hopes that we want to realize and to reach the places we have always wished to be in?

When you Prepare with the best GMAT institute in Punjab you are sure to land among the best of the Business schools.

Here is a list of top 5 business schools that featured amongst the leading business schools in a research carried by the U.S news rankings.

1. Harvard University:

Situated in Boston, the university earns the numero uno position of the best Business school. With the enrollment capacity of 1872 students, the university has an annual tuition fee of $61,225(roughly Rs.4,163,300).

The average GMAT score to get accepted into the University is 725. With multifarious departments such as accounting, e-commerce, portfolio management, sports business and many others more than 81% of the graduates are employed.
Learning is made purposeful for students through various case studies, studying in another country during winter breaks and studying on fields by the formation of a small group of students who analyze the organizations. Distinguished alumni of the school include Jamie Dimon(President, chairman, and CEO of JPMorgan chase and co.) , Meg Whitman(President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard enterprise among several others

2. The second on the list is a tie between Stanford University and University of Chicago(Booth).

• Stanford University is located in Stanford, California.It accepts the average GMAT score of 733(highest by any B-School).Amongst a variety of disciplines that it offers ,some of them include manufacturing and technology management, public policy, not for profit management etc. It charges a full-time annual tuition fee of $64,050(roughly Rs.4,355,400). It boasts of a 71.7% of graduates getting employed at graduation. To teach the students about Leadership and effective management they are put in challenging situations by imitation of real life scenarios; for eg. Taking a decision about termination of employees. The school has many eminent alumni for eg. John Donahoe( E-bay’s Former president and CEO), Ellen Siminoff (Yahoo’s Founding executive and senior Vice president)

• University of Chicago(Booth):Situated in Chicago,Ilinois.

The average GMAT score to get accepted is 726.The University provides many departments to study in such as management information systems, International business, organizational behavior etc.

The tuition fee varies as follows:

Full time annual fee- $63,980(Roughly Rs. 4,350,640)
Part time (per credit)- $6,338(Roughly Rs. 4,30,984) and
Executive(Total program)-$174,000(Roughly Rs. 11832000)

The spirit of competition is applied by the students in the outside environment too, in MBA cup in various games such as 3 legged race, volleyball etc. The event witnesses participation from other schools of Business too.

Alumni of the school include Scott Griffith(former chairman and CEO of Zipcar inc.), William E. Bill Conway Jr.( Co-founder of The Carlyle Group)

4. University of Pennsylvania:

Situated in Wharton, a student needs to score an average GMAT score of 732 to apply for the University. Various disciplines that The Wharton school offers are: Actuarial science, Insurance, operations research etc. The school has a record of 80.8% of its graduates getting employed.

Charges for tuition fee are as follows:
Full time annual fee-$64,920(Roughly Rs. 4,414,560)
Executive(Total Program)-$186,900(Roughly Rs.12709200)
The Wharton School enjoys the reputation of being the First Business school of the United States.
Outdoor trips called ‘Ventures’ are organized to help students cope with stress and with the process of decision making.
Alumni of the school include John Sculley(Former president of Pepsi-Cola and former CEO of Apple inc.) , Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn).

5. Massachusetts Institute of technology and Northwestern University:

• Different concentrations offered by Sloan school of Management include Healthcare administration, tax, Industrial management etc. The average GMAT score of the school of Management is 716. The tuition fee charged by the school is $65,446(Roughly Rs. 4450328).

School Provides what are called as ‘Action Labs’ to teach students handling of real life problems in companies of U.S, India, and China.

Alumni of the school include Benjamin Netanyahu (Present Prime Minister of Israel), Carly Fiorina (CEO of Hewlett-Packard).

Northwestern University:Situated in Evanstown, Illinois, it requires an average GMAT score of 724 from its students.

Different departments provided by the Kellogg school of management at Northwestern University are as follows: Economics, Real estate, Entrepreneurship etc.

The tuition fee is as follows:
Full time annual Fee- $64,059(Roughly Rs.4,356,012)
Part time (per credit)-$6,208(Roughly Rs.422144)
Executive(Per year)-$93,645(Roughly Rs.6367860)
86.3% Students of the full-time program are employed.

There are numerous opportunities of joining research centers for the students.
Alumni of the school include Christopher Galvin( Former Chairman and CEO of Motorola), Ali Babacan (Turkish Politician).

After enrolling in a Business school students open countless avenues of success with the equal combination of Money and Fame. An urge of achieving innovation combined with the purpose of utility has become one of the main reasons for the surge of GMAT institutes in Punjab and nearby areas.

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