Tips for last minute prep to ACT

ACT Tips for the Eleventh Hour

Ideally, you should prepare for your ACT exam long before the test date in order to fully prepare for the exam. You can enroll in an ACT Coaching Institute and take help from your teachers. However, last-minute studying can prove to be very fruitful if done in the right way. The last-minute study can help you gather some final pieces of information and be fully prepared to score better. Here are some last-minute ACT tips that will prove to be very helpful.

1. Focus on your mistakes

If you take the practice tests and do not note your mistakes, you will never improve. You should take notes of every mistake you make while preparing for your test, and try to improve it in the next time you take a test.

During the last minutes before the exam, going through the whole syllabus is obviously not possible. Therefore, you should revise all your mistakes. What you do right will be right in the exam too, but the mistakes that you make are the ones that you can make in the exam and lose points. By revising your mistakes, you’ll have a better idea on what to focus more in the exam. Thus, you can avoid making the same mistake in you ACT exam.

2. Manage time

You should have a general idea of the speed with which you attempt your practice tests, so that the real test doesn’t take you by surprise. In the ACT exam, there is a lot of time pressure. You get less than a minute to answer the questions. Thus, time management is very important.

When you take practice tests, give yourself less time than the given time to complete each section. And then develop speed to complete early. This way, during the exam, you will not feel time pressure and will have some extra time to check your answers.

3. Dress for success

The night before your exam, make sure to have enough sleep. Do not stay up all night preparing, that will distract you or even induce sleep while taking the exam and hence will hinder your performance.

Eat healthy food. Do not eat too heavy or too light but just the right amount of food.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and carry extra layers, just in case it is cold in the test centre.

4. Remain calm and focused

During the test, keep calm and stay focused. Do not stress over the questions that you find difficult. Do one question at a time. Do not lose your focus.

Getting worked up will only takes away your focus and will hurt your scores. Also, you get two breaks on the ACT assuming you are taking it with the writing section. Take full advantage of the breaks to clear your mind and feel better prepared for the rest of the test.

5. Skip hard questions

In the ACT exam, you get very short time to answer your questions. You get less than a minute per question. Therefore, you need time management.

In case you get stuck over a question, leave it for the last. If you waste too much time on a hard question, you might not get enough time to solve the questions that are easy.

6. Review your answers

Once you complete a section, make sure to review your answers if you have some time left. This can help you correct any mistakes that you have done or solve any question that you might have skipped unintentionally.

Try to attempt all the questions. Remember that there is no penalty or negative marking for any question that goes wrong. Therefore, you can make guesses wherever required.

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