8 study schemes to crack TOEFL

8 Study Schemes to Help You Beat the Path to TOEFL’s Door

TOEFL is all about using English in a real-life setting. It tests the ability of non-English speaking people to understand and use English in normal life like in universities or a job.

There are various TOEFL Coaching Centres in Chandigarh that prepare you in such a way that giving TOEFL exam seems like a piece of cake. They help you become fluent in English so that you can use your skills in your daily life.

Getting good TOEFL scores requires efficient practice and preparation strategy. So, given are the different study schemes to help you beat the path to TOEFL’s door.

1. Know about TOEFL

If you want to take the TOEFL test, the first and most important step is to know about the TOEFL exam. Understanding the TOEFL format is very important. It gives you the idea about the questions that are asked.

When you know about the type of questions and the number, it becomes easy for you to plan out your preparation and to manage the time accordingly.

You can also take a quick look over some examples of the TOEFL test exam to acquire a better understanding and knowledge about the type of questions you can expect.

2. Set a minimum Score in mind

You also need to keep in mind the purpose for which you are appearing for the TOEFL exam. When you know the purpose, you can set your minimum score goal accordingly.

Then you can also decide the score that you want to achieve. That will be your ideal score. For example, if you are applying for a university, the minimum score required for the admission will be your minimum score goal and your ideal score goal depends on your capability.

3. Get at least three ideal study spaces

Getting you sufficient time to study is very important for better preparation. You need to create an ideal study environment. Find a quiet place, away from distractions.

 You need to get comfortable and have sufficient light while you study. Try to cut-off from the outside world as the productive study is best done in a space that’s quiet and free from disturbances.

4. Get a study guide

The main purpose of a study guide is to help .synthesise and summarize the information. There are various TOEFL study guides that can prove to be very helpful to you. These guides give a detailed explanation of the test and study tips that you must go through.

While studying from the guides, you must highlight the main idea and take notes of the important points. You can learn from the examples given in the guide.  You can also take practice tests and find out your errors.

5. Get support from the teacher

Practising on your own might not be sufficient. You must take help from a professional to find your mistakes and correct them. You can get better advice on the topics.

Teachers can help you identify your weak spots and can make strategies to work on improving them. They can explain to you the grammar rules well and will clear all your doubts. You can also get personalised exercises for better practice.

The teachers at the TOEFL Coaching Centres in Chandigarh are highly qualified and experienced. They help students master their grip on the English language and get higher scores. They train you well and provide you with various exercises to practice.

6. Practice

As it is said, “Practice makes a man perfect”. The most important key for TOEFL exam success is to practice. If you don’t practice, you can’t get better.

You need to practice consistently, never get tired of it. Give yourself at least an hour daily to practice. Ask yourself questions each time you read something. After reading, summarize it and try to write about it and speak on it.

Another thing you need to practice for is your Vocabulary. The better the vocabulary, the better the grades. Learn and use new words daily and use them in a sentence while writing and speaking.

7. Use various learning strategies

There are two types of learning strategies that can be used: Active and Passive.

In the active learning strategy, you make an effort and study with a goal in your mind. You take practice tests and memorize vocabulary.

In the passive learning strategy, you do not make efforts. This can be done by just relaxing. This can be done by watching English movies, with or without subtitles. You can read books that interest you. You can also try and talk to native English speakers.

8. Take practice test

When you are preparing for a test, it is always helpful to take practice tests.

Practice tests will evaluate your progress and will tell you which areas you have mastered and which areas you still need to work for. These can help you reach your desired goal in small steps.

You can take as many tests as you like. The more test you take, the more you learn and the better it gets each time.

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