7 Steps Not to Miss for Better Spoken English

Language has been a primary mode of communication in the world. Different people interact in different ways and languages but out of all the languages, English has become a global language. Hence arises the importance of being fluent in English. It not only widens one’s perspective but also adds to one’s confidence.

 Imagine a situation in which you are not able to express yourself because your audience are native English speakers. In another scenario, you miss a chance of getting good job opportunity only because you do not have a hold on the language. Such circumstances can be avoided by working on your English speaking skills with regularity and focus.

In order to gain the required fluency, one should follow a particular time table & pattern of study and stick to that. Apart from this, another good way which helps students is to join Spoken English coaching classes. An expert guidance and regularity in practice is indispensable to learn how to speak good English.

Let’s start in a systematic way:

The first step is to analyze one’s level of speaking and also one’s purpose of improving that level. This helps the candidate plan the schedule and work accordingly. The type and level of preparation is different for a beginner, intermediate and advanced English speaker. One might require guidance from the level of sentence formation whereas the other might be looking for a class to brush up his phonetics. Hence, an analysis before preparation brings clarity to it.

After this, one should look for a companion with whom the spoken English practice can be done. In spoken English, the basic requirement is to learn how to speak and speaking can’t be done alone. Someone who can interact with you regularly can be a good companion here. If one learns English speaking course in a coaching institutes, one meets a number of batch mates with whom interaction is done regularly and performance can be analyzed. On the other hand, one who practices alone would not be able to able to actually apply what he/she has learnt.

Depending upon the availability of companion, next step is to actually speak. Yes, learning basic concepts of English, reading books and attending different sessions won’t ever be fruitful if the student doesn’t speak. Regular speaking definitely improves one level. This way one gets introduced to one’s week points and can work on them.

After initial start, the next step is to gradually increase the level by focusing on one’s pronunciation, pauses required during speaking, basic conversation practice, monologues and such activities where one speaks more. In addition to this, grammar rules should be regularly read so that you automatically imbibe them in your speaking. Appearing for mock tests, sitting for mock interviews also help at this stage.

Taking into consideration the requirements of candidates and providing them value for their money and time, New Cambridge College provides Spoken English training in Chandigarh. The institutes provides interactive classes in which experienced faculty train students by involving them in the interaction. Interesting activities help students learn in an environment like that in which they will eventually speak. Be a part of the institute and experience a totally different way of learning how to speak English.  

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