Reasons to learn good English

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Good English

English is not only a language but has become a culture that is common to a number of countries in the world. From developing countries to developed ones, there is at least one section of society which speaks English. It is the second most learned language in most of the countries and hence the need to learn good English and be efficient in this language if you wish to keep pace with the fast-developing humanity. From speaking personally to be part of a professional discussion, our friends and colleagues expect us to understand and speak good English (if not the best) for easy exchange of ideas and views. Let’s have a look at a few reasons which have made English an indispensable part of our life these days.

Reasons to learn good English

-English is the most popular language spoken in the world. As per studies conducted, 2 out of every 5 people understand or speak English every day in different parts of the world.

-Most of the subjects and fields under sun like science, arts, mathematics, psychology, sociology, computer sciences etc. have English as their language which adds to its popularity. Therefore, to whatever field you belong to, at one or the other point, you surely need to learn English. It also increases one’s chances of getting job.

-More than 50 countries have English as their official language. Speaking good English can bring you opportunity of interacting with more people, befriending them, learning new things, understanding their cultures.

-In this modern era, everybody is well equipped with the use of internet and English is the language of internet. Understanding it can help us get hold of a number of things which might not be possible otherwise. From learning everything on youtube to enjoying amazing movies and availing various services to working from home, everything can be easily accessed with a good hold of the language.

-If you are seeking a good job, it comes with good communication skills. Most of the organizations in India and abroad look for candidates with an ability to perform confidently. Speaking good English brings that confidence and helps individuals.

-Respect and knowledge also go hand in hand with a good English speaker. He is automatically above others because he has more to talk about, more to learn, more to read and eventually more to discuss.

-In the coming future, the use of English is going to increase. Therefore, in order to make yourself future ready, it is important to know the language better beforehand. Considering this fact, many parents of modern era have been seen sending their students to convent schools or make them join spoken English courses so that they can learn it from the very start.

Realizing the value of learning spoken English, New Cambridge College, popular spoken English coaching center in Chandigarh have been providing candidates with spoken English classes which are quite different from the traditional ones. With more of interactive sessions, the class makes students actually speak English, ultimately building their confidence. Be a part of the class and experience the differentiated experience worth experiencing yourself and improve your communication skills. 

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