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6 Tips to Get a Handle on ACT Science Section

The ACT Science section is 35 minutes long and has 40 questions. There are seven passages in this section and each section contains graphs, diagrams, charts, experiment summaries and conflicting viewpoints of the scientists.

The ACT Science section is not a test of scientific facts. It is a test of how well you observe, analyse and synthesise information from tables, graphs, illustrations and passages.

There are various institutes for ACT Coaching in Chandigarh to help you score aces. Given are some tips that can help you get a handle on the ACT Science section.

1. Know the types of passages

Knowing the types of passages is very important. It gives you the idea of how to prepare for your ACT science section.

There are mainly three types of passages:

-Charts and graphs- These type of passages have 5 questions each. They come with figures and contain 1 or more charts, tables, graphs etc.

-Experiments- these type of passages have 6 questions and usually come with figures. They include experiments and contain more texts than charts.

-Opposing viewpoints- This type of passage contains 7 questions and sometimes come with figures. They ask you to compare, contrast and synthesize different viewpoints.

2. Know what to expect

The best ACT preparation begins with knowing what’s on the ACT science section. The topics in this section are from Biology, chemistry, physics and earth science.

Most of the questions are answered from the figures or data given in the passage. But, there might be some questions that require outside knowledge. Therefore, you must have some basic knowledge of science facts.

Also, you must know how to analyse, make predictions and synthesise information from the given data.

3. Understand the Tables and diagrams

The key to the answers is present mostly in the tables, graphs etc, given along with the passage.

Tables and graphs are visual representations used to organise information to show patterns and relationships. If you understand the passage well, this section will not be too hard to score well.

4. Learn the commonly used scientific terms

Since this is a science section, there might be some common scientific terms used in the passages. You must be aware of the scientific terms that might come to make it easy for you to understand the passage.

Not knowing the scientific terms and just guessing the possible meaning might lead to blunders. So, it is better to keep a safe side and memorise some common scientific terms.

5. Skip Hard questions first

In the ACT science section, you have to solve 40 questions in 35 minutes. This means you get less than a minute per question. Therefore, you need time management.

In case you get stuck over a question, leave it for the last. If you waste too much time on a hard question, you might not get enough time to solve the questions that are easy.

6. Practice

The practice is the key to everything. Once you are done going through stuff and understanding stuff, all you need to do is practice. Practice as much as you can. The more you practice, the better you get.

To practice better, you can take various practice tests and get them checked. You must note your mistakes and get them reviewed by your teacher. Remember it and never repeat it.

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