GRE Tips and Tricks

6 Most Important GRE Tips and Tricks You Must Know

The GRE General Test measures your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills. These are the skills that are not related to a specific fields of study yet are very important in today’s demanding graduate school programs and needed to succeed.

In order to get into the University of your dreams, you need to get a good GRE score. There are many GRE Coaching Centers in Chandigarh that will help you prepare to score your best in the GRE exam. In this blog, you will learn the 6 most important GRE tips and tricks.

GRE Tips and Tricks

Given are some high-payoff tips and tricks that you must keep in mind as you study for GRE to maximize your GRE score.

1. Go through the format

Going through the format of the GRE exam is very important. It gives you a clear idea of what to expect and saves you from surprises during the exam. Thus, you can perform better in your exam.

The new GRE is composed of two Analytical Writing Assessment Responses (30 minutes each), two Quantitative Ability sections (20 questions and 35 minutes each) and two Verbal Ability sections (20 questions and 30 minutes each)

2. Attempt Easy Questions First

Answering the questions in the order might not be the best strategy when it comes to the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections of the GRE. In this exam, you have the power to choose the order in which you answer questions in any given section. Therefore, you must take the full advantage of this choice.

If you spent too much time on the hard questions, you will be under time pressure for the rest of the questions. You might also miss some easy questions that could have benefited you. Therefore, be tactful and solve the easy questions first. Then if you have time left, go with the hard ones.

3. Make guesses when required

The GRE exam does not have any negative marking, therefore, you are free to make guesses wherever required. Even if you have a few seconds left, make the guess. Your guess will either benefit you or will not change anything.

While making guesses, try to be tactful. Take the choice that seems most suitable. Don’t just make wild guesses at the first go if you can take some time and think.

4. Use Process of Elimination

When you read a question and you’re very unsure of the correct answer, don’t panic. Instead, use the process of elimination to eliminate as many incorrect answers as you can. Even if you can’t identify the correct answer with certainty this way, you’ll increase your odds of guessing correctly with every answer choice you eliminate.

5. Maintain Speed

Maintaining a proper speed is very important for every test. In GRE you get about 1:30 min per question. It seems like a lot but during the exam, it seems very less. You must use some strategies that can help you improve your speed.

You must take practice tests and try to complete it in lesser time than the actual time for the exam. This way you will not feel any time pressure during the exam. GRE Coaching Centers in Chandigarh provide you with practice papers and help you develop skills required to score aces in the GRE exam.

6. Review and correct

Once you are done with all the questions and answers and you still have some time left, take a look at everything that you have done. Reviewing all the questions will help you to avoid silly mistakes that you may have done.

You must take a lot of practice tests and keep a record of your mistakes. Correct all the mistakes you make and learn the steps, this way you will not repeat the same mistake in the exam.

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